Gen. Museveni; master of divide-and-rule

[Uganda Elections 2016]

Demands Negotiations About Electoral Reforms To Start By End...

Gen. Museveni seized power 28 years ago

[Public Announcement]

For many years now, Ugandans have demanded genuinely free and fair elections...

Senegal's President Macky Sall; his is one of few African countries meeting target


Gen. Museveni, Uganda's ruler

[Commentary: South Sudan]


Within days of the outbreak of the violence in mid-December, the Uganda...

Man in the news. Maybe Uganda's Gen. Museveni believes after 28 years the arms of justice are closing on him?

[Africa: Commentary]

At face...

[Commentary: Africa]

Uganda's malevolent Gen. Museveni, in power, and spreading havoc for 28 years now



Gen. Museveni -- Otunnu, opposition leader and former top UN official wants him to accept ICC probe

[Global: Africa]Olara A. Otunnu,...

Rwanda conflict wasn't simplistic Hutu vs. Tutsi war; Kagame's forces also slaughtered Tutsis

[Commentary: Africa]

Greed For...

William Burns

[African Union Summit]

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns leads a 10-person high level U.S. delegation to the African...

Dr. Kizza Besigye

[Op-Ed: Uganda]

BACK FROM NAGALAMA POLICE CELLS- Police impunity rages on

I had a working lunch...

Writers says Gen. Amin, shown on top is 'a mouse' compared to Gen. Museveni


Happy Idi Amin Liberation Day 25th January 1971...

Desmond Tutu -- one of the honorees at this year's Shared Interest Gala

Shared Interest, a New York-based nonprofit social investment fund working in Southern...

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

[Africa: Trade And Business]

March 14 deadline for businesses to apply


President Obama during his trip to Africa -- here shown in Tanzania with President kikwete

[International: Africa]

The United States will...

Gen. Yoweri Museveni  

[Africa: Commentary]   

A Ruler's Militarism Run Amock In East and Central Africa



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