Obama stood firm while Republicans and Tea Party Nearly Sunk Economy to derail Affordable Care Act

[Health Care Reform]


Esosa E. Photo: Leah Jones


Esosa E, also known as Raw Girl, a vegan lifestyle expert, a model, and actress who...

Dr. Pellicone


During Healthy Lung Month, recognized in October, Dr. John Pellicone suggests that smokers and former smokers talk...

Dr. Clarence Davis

[Health Care Reform]

The Affordable Care Act is here.

Knowing that nonprofits play a key role in connecting people to...

Terry O'Sullivan, president of the Laborers International Union of North America

[Labor: Health Matters]

The AFL-CIO resolution regarding...

Obama: Affordable Care Act may be his lasting legacy

[To Be Equal]


As President Obama has said, “Nearly 6 in 10 uninsured...

Young Khamit in the middle has his father's golden smile


Note By Milton Allimadi: Imhotep Gary Byrd is one of the most...


Are you taking good enough care of your eyes? According to a new study, your gender and where you live may indicate if you are practicing good eye health.



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