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[Culinary News]

Barbara Kane, EcoLab Vice President of Industry Relations will be Mistress of Ceremonies at this year's BCA 20th Anniversary Cultural Awareness Salute Gala...

Pearl and Mel Shaw

[FUNdraising Good Times]

The first 16 days of October were a demonstration of “governing by crisis.”

The federal...

Part one of a three part series

Arts professional and nonprofit CEO Grace C. Stanislaus is encouraged by the very existence of museums and cultural centers such as...

Candace Kelly


Hairfinity the popular hair growth vitamin supplement by Brock Beauty Inc., presents the...

Pearl and Mel Shaw

[Fundraising Good Times]

Board members with experience and connections in the private sector can help nonprofit...

Pearl and Mel Shaw

[FUNdraising Good Times]

Part one of a two part interview with Mike Bruns

Mike Bruns...

Pearl and Mel Shaw

[FUNdraising Good Times]

Continuous training, education and exposure to new people and ideas can lead...

[FUNdraising Good Times]

Evaluate your nonprofit from a funder’s perspective. Donors and funders don’t necessarily tell you why they won’t fund your nonprofit.


[FUNdraising Good Times]

Does your nonprofit’s special event help sponsors and underwriters meet their business objectives?

Do the benefits you offer align with the...

[Business: FUNdraising]

Part three of three part series on transformational giving

Do major gifts to nonprofits fall from the sky, or are...

[FUNdraising Good Times]

Philanthropy makes front page news with the announcement of large, transformational gifts. Think Bill Gates. Oprah Winfrey. Warren Buffet. With...


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