Mayweather doing the business on Maidana

As he predicted repeatedly, Floyd Mayweather, 47-0, 26 knockouts, defeated Marcos Maidana, 35-5. 31 k.o.’s, Saturday,...


A story is officially noteworthy when it is not limited to one particular news outlet….the Ray Rice saga has more than met this criteria. While we’d expect it to dominate the sports talk shows,...



Are we talking baseball or softball?  This was the question presented to a friend after mentioning I’d caught a few Little League World Series games &...


I was born on the east coast, then spent the vast majority of my late childhood and adulthood in Oklahoma and Texas…with regular visits back east to visit family and friends.  It is this path that...


The best ever, Pele was peerless

[The World Cup]

Brazil's World Cup soccer team seemed to be in a trance or a daze as it was annihilated...


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