Mayweather has vanquished 45 attempts to depose him.

[BoxingGlove Notes].

On Saturday, May 3rd at the M.G.M. Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas...

Hopkins demolished his opponent

[BoxingGlove Notes]

One week later many boxing fans are still asking "Who is Bernard Hopkins?"

Is he a figment of our...

Hopkins faces Shumenov

Washington, D.C. will once again be the scene of a battle, but, not in the Senatorial, nor Congressional Political ring this time.


New Champion -- Dionesia Dapidran Pacquiao

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“I know why I lost this fight to Pacquiao. It was because Manny’s mom put a...

Bradley swings at Pacquiao

Redemption for Manny Pacquia?  Redemption for Timothy Bradley as well?

There has been so much talk and speculation about the...


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