Jan. 5 (GIN) – With days to spare before the opening of the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament, it might be reasonable to ask “who’s on first?”

The host of the games, Equatorial Guinea...

The best ever, Pele was peerless

[The World Cup]

Brazil's World Cup soccer team seemed to be in a trance or a daze as it was annihilated...

Ghana star Asamoah Gyan -- one more try in 2018?

Like many others, I was somehow disappointed with the performance of African teams at the World Cup.


The heroic Tim Howard


A U.S. goalie almost single handedly wills his team over powerful Belgian squad

Even though the United States was...

Ann Coulter

I am a big sports fan. I have been since I realized in middle school that in spite of having speed to burn, my height would most probably prohibit me...

A new "Raging Coto"?

[BoxingGlove Notes]

Although he didn’t promise a knockout like his opponent Sergio Martinez did, Miguel Angel Cotto...

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