Shelby on 60 Minutes -- Patrolling "zombie" neighborhoods

In a 60 Minutes interview which aired last Sunday, Oklahoma Police Officer Betty Jo Shelby who has been charged with manslaughter...

Immortal words

Fifty years ago on April 4, 1967, our prophet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the historic speech “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” at New York City’s Riverside...

Face of pure murderous hate

[Speaking Truth To Power]

On Monday, White supremacist murderer James Jackson was charged with murder as terrorism for the cold-blooded execution of...

Governor Cuomo

This week, Washington showed the people of this nation a disgusting display of government at its worst.

We saw Members of Congress openly...

HBO Vice, the national weekly newsmagazine series, will tackle issues of racial bias within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) and other police departments, both internally and...


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