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[Beneath The Spin]

I'm Opposed To Those Who Pimp Black People

Here's the follow-up on yesterday's...

Attorney General Eric Holder



Holder Is Right In Seeking To End Disenfranchisement Of Felons

The Lawyers...

Rep. Charles Rangel

[Black History Month]

Black History Month is time to recognize the Black experience as an integral part of American...

Carter G. Woodson

[Black History Month]

This is how Lonnie Bunch, founding director, National Museum of African American History and...

Krugman and Stiglitz; columnist believes the latter is on the money on this issue.


With the Super Bowl just ending, fantasy...

Judges: Courtenay Griffiths, QC,  Lennox Hinds, Esq,  Ashanti Chimurenga, Esq. Photos: Amadi Ajamu


More evidence of western nations’ political, military,...

Marian Wright Edelman

We’re used to making a big fuss over children’s birthdays, but this week child advocates and families across the country are celebrating CHIP...

Carter G. Woodson -- visionary journalist, author, historian, educator

[African American History Month]

In the fall of 1870, a handful of...

Greg Moore

[Environmental Justice]

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Campaign for Communities, which created a coalition of Latino, African...

Barack Obama -- reminded us all that, as in the past, now and in the future, "yes, we can...."

[Beneath The Spin]

I just read a snippet...

Christie -- mind the credibility gap

“Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee”: So said metaphysical poet John Donne.

“I actually was the guy...

Ant-hunger advocate wants President to use the mighty pen to defend the hungry


I am devastated, but...

Ron Daniels

After months of a relative lull, immigration policy reform appears to be on the front burner again.

With President Obama emphasizing it in his...

Netfa Freeman joins in a march for Cuban 5

Netfa Freeman is a longtime activist/organizer who has worked on Cuba solidarity issues for several years. ...


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