New Year’s Poem 2021 (Reflecting on 2020)

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New Year’s Poem 2021 (Reflecting on 2020)



This New Year’s poem is arriving late
Because we just had to wait
For January 10th when grandson Rio was born,
Emerging into this pandemic world forlorn.



Such a world is super crappy

But Rio's birth makes us happy,
A mixed reality of the world we live in,
Good and bad, too often twinned.


Lucia and Daniel will be parents effective,

Full of love and patience, not neglective.

They'll be role models for their son to admire:

To make positive choices, a good future to acquire.


We do have hope for good things to come
In Rio’s and all of our world this year,

A new federal government that’s not so dumb
And people supporting causes dear.


Ted did so in October with a month long fast
To defeat Trump who's now President-past.
We both worked for Bernie and then for Biden
And for winning Ga. Senators to turn-the-tiding.


Ted's Burglar for Peace was published and is selling,

A part of U.S. history that needs retelling. 1/

Jane's book will soon be published electronically. 2/

So we've made some progress as you can see.


Prolific writer, Ted, that son of a gun,
Has produced a new manuscript, 21st Century Revolution,

That he plans to publish this year in some way,

Determined it will see the light of day. 3/


We joined millions rising up this summer
After George Floyd was murdered, what a bummer.

And we’ve continued since in various ways
Taking part in anti-racist actions, staying in the fray.


For example, we joined car-honking parades

Outside immigrant detention centers,

Calling for prisoners to be released

So COVID cases would be decreased.


We continue to work to solve the climate emergency,
As officers of 350NJ-Rockland, part of a national grouping:
New Jersey fossil fuel divestment we’re pursuing relentlessly
And other goals too, we keep on a-trooping.

Jane exercises often, doing yoga moves,
And walking with friends, as it behooves.
Ted continues with weights and long-distance biking,

Pleased at 71 he can do so, very much well-liking.


This summer 134 monarch butterflies we raised,

Every year as we do so, continually amazed
At the daily miracles of nature so easy to miss--
Monarchs teach us the earth we shouldn’t dis.


Spending time in the Catskills with friends Sonja and Dick,
Taking hikes with friends Sarah and John, avoiding ticks,
Staying in touch with other family and friends--
These are joys of life on which we depend.


So as we begin a new and very big year,
Love to all whose lives we hold dear.
Let’s speak out and stand up for a future that's bright,

For peace, social justice, keeping up the fight!


1/  To find out about Ted's book, go to and type in “Ted Glick” in the search box.


2/  Jane's book, How to Teach Without Screaming, Inspiring Stories, Insights and Strategies to Help You and Your Students Thrive will be published as an e-book through the Montclair, NJ library system in collaboration with  This company provides a free service to authors via public libraries to make their books available for borrowing as they would a regular book.  Jane will then use this same company to create a soft-cover book that people can borrow from their library or buy.  She will let people know when this happens.


3/ The full title of Ted’s new manuscript is: 21st Century Revolution: Through Higher Love, Racial Justice and Democratic Cooperation. It’s 94 pages long (or short) and he’ll send you a PDF if you’d like to see it. 


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