Talk Show Host Rob Redding’s “Black Power” Artwork sells for $10,000

Rob Redding
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Rob Redding. Photo: 

National talk host Rob Redding’s provocative “Black Power: Unapologetically Militant” was reported as sold by Artsy, the world's largest online art marketplace.

Redding’s commanding “Black Power: Unapologetically Militant” is included in the “Alternating Currents” group show being held at the prestigious Fridman Gallery. Redding’s timeless work also had recently appeared in Art in America Magazine’s “New Talent” May issue edited by curator and writer Antwaun Sargent.

The show, which featured emerging artists and mid-career artists, was conceptualized by Niama Safia Sandy, a New York–based cultural anthropologist, curator, producer, and multidisciplinary artist. Sandy asked artists to illustrate “how the pandemic shifted our understanding of our concept of time, ourselves, our place in the world and the systems we have built as vehicles to navigate it all,” according to the gallery.

“I submitted ‘Black Power: Unapologetically Militant’ because I am tired of simply arguing that Black Lives Matter,” Redding said. “The pandemic has taught me that sometimes you have to have a radical approach just to get to where whites beg you to kneel instead of ripping shit up.”

The gallery added: “Rob Redding’s radiant smear paintings are a formal engagement with material, and an unapologetic declaration of freedom and power.”