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“I recall her telling me ‘there are very few people in the world that have dark skin and have green eyes,’� Redman tells The Black Star News, referring to her mentor.


(Redman—oh, those eyes!)

Where She’s From: This sparkling beauty grew up staring into magazine pages, mimicking poses of supermodels. “I can see myself doing this,” she recalls telling herself then—well, she’s come a long way in fulfilling the childhood dreams.

Brianna-Michelle Redman was born March 12, 1983 in Seattle, WA. At the tender age of 11, she met a model/mentor who was a counselor at her middle school, who convinced her to consider the profession. “I recall her telling me ‘there are very few people in the world that have dark skin and have green eyes,’” Redman tells The Black Star News.

She did many photo shoots and fashion shows all around the Seattle area for local designers and stylists. She attended modeling schools and worked with agencies—she also fulfilled another life-long dream, college, so she attended Clark Atlanta University.

While in college, she caught the attention of stylists, local designers, and make-up artists—more photo shoots and walking the runway for many boutiques and designers around Atlanta ensued. “The most important thing that I learned from my mother is to stay strong and believe internally that all things are possible because God will respond to what you put into the universe,” she says. “She always told me life is what you make it, not what others determine for you because you are capable of all things.”

Where She’s At: After graduation with a degree in Public Relations, Redman began going to agencies and casting calls—the process paid off and she’s about to ink a deal with a major agency. “My dream of gracing the pages of many magazines is becoming a reality,” Redman says. “My passion is to work with REVLON Cosmetics, Iman Cosmetics, Rocawear, Oscar de la Renta, Baby Phat, Custo Barcelona, Christian Dior and a host of other couture and urban designers. I also want to do film and voice overs.”

Where She’s Heading: As if she didn’t already have her hands full, Redman is starting up a non-profit organization to work with kids. “I want to open up community centers in urban communities to influence children so they know that all things are possible,” she says.

Redman wants young people to know that when life appears to have it rock bottom, faith and determination can make you rise again. She survived a harrowing assault that almost killed. “After a year, I realized that time does not stop, it keeps moving,” she explains. “Things happen but you have to move on. I now know I can survive anything. I don't look at struggles or uncertainties as a challenge. I just push my way through, no matter what is in front of me. God never promised that things would be easy but He did give me will-power to get through all things.”

How does she maintain her beauty? “I use natural shea butter bases body butter, Cultured Naturals for my face, skin and hair because it has all of the natural essentials that I need for my body,” she says. “I love GODDESS, Chanel 5, Christian Dior perfumes.  I love to smell good!  I use REVLON and Iman Cosmetics and I love shoes, so any pair that are cute no matter the name brand, I will wear them, I'm not biased.”

Redman’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never ask the questions ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ or ‘how,’ because life happens and there is nothing that you can control but yourself. Live life for yourself, believe in your every thought, and do not live for others. When life doesn’t seem fulfilling, know that you can only do your part and believe that all things are possible.”

Redman’s Secrets Of Success: “Believing in my dreams, having faith that I will conquer them all, never letting 'no' detour me from my goals and understanding that confidence is key!”

Redman’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: Imitation of life, Old School, and Seven.

Redman’s Favorite All Time Three Books: Zane's Addicted, Sister CEO by Cherly D. Broussard and The Purpose Driven life.

First Three Things Redman Would Do As President: “I would cut taxes for people who have low income and make sure that there is shelter for people who are homeless, pass a law that will allow nonviolent felons to still be able to get jobs and student loans after they have completed a educational and rehabilitation program, and pass a law that will stop monopolies in this world so others can also obtain and establish wealth.

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