Ayisha: Envy Of Maryland

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Where She’s From: Beautiful fashion designer, Ayisha Bennett, whose Zodiac sign is Aries, was born in New York but raised in Columbia, Maryland.

“My mother taught me the importance of loving and knowing my Black history,� Ayisha tells The Black Star News. “She taught me early on in life to love my hair, my complexion, and my beauty. Having this knowledge showed me what I was capable of doing in my own life and in the life of others.� More power to her.

After High School Ayisha attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Arts and Science. “My career in fashion however did not begin right away,� she explains. “I took a few a jobs in New York at high profile designer companies and quickly learned that most clothing companies follow formulas year to year. This motivated me to launch my own company and I called it Envi.�

Where She’s At:
“I am in the developing stages of my career. I am still an undiscovered talent but I have managed to make a modest living doing what I love,� she adds. “I would like to be known as someone who changed the way people look at fashion and someone who changed lives.�

“My best advice to clothing designers, models, and artist, is set the standard,� Ayisha explains. “It’s important for life to evolve; so what is inappropriate today might be the hot item tomorrow. It’s our job to be confident in what you have to offer, there is no formulas in Art—just ask Van Gough!�

Where She’s Heading:
Ayisha has clear goals for her company. “My business will develop into a competitive clothing line. I see it being international,� she continues.

“My inspiration comes from God; it’s the only way that I can explain it. Sometimes I see something in a dream or I am in a particular setting, or I will hear a particular song that might inspire me. My biggest challenge is not allowing other peoples’ doubts to shake my convictions about my dreams. The way I handle this problem is I surround myself with people who have similar goals or people who have realized there own dreams. My proudest accomplishment was having the courage to start my own business and graduating from FIT.�

So how does Ayisha prepare when she’s about to step out? “My favorite brand is Envi; at least I already see it as being a brand. Other than that I am not really into brands. My shopping experience is always an adventure. I try to be creative and have fun. I haven’t found one brand in particular that offers that by itself. But I hope develop Envi into that Brand one day.�

Ayisha’s Secret To Success: “To all see my dream in front of me and having a spiritual base.�

Ayisha’s Three Favorite Movies: “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Malcolm X, and Mahogany.�
Ayisha’s Favorite Books: “My favorite books are motivational and anything self help. I’m currently reading the Secret.�

Three Leaders That Most Inspire Ayisha: “Marcus Garvey, Langston Hughes, and Cleopatra.�

The First Three Things Ayisha Would Do As President: “I would eliminate poverty; improve the educational system; and, redevelop the correctional institutions towards a more rehabilitative system.�
Ayisha’s Favorite Car: “It’s the 1967 Mustang; it is unique in form and it’s rare to see.�

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