California's Lovely Denise

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[Black Star Model]

Where She’s From: Lady Denise was born in raised in Sacramento, CA. “The things that I have learned from my family is to go for what I want without settling,” she tells The Black Star News. “I have become a very dedicated individual who will take over anything that interests me.”

Denise is a student at Sacramento State University, majoring in Business Management. “I launched my career in modeling about three years ago,” the young beauty says. “Modeling has always been something that I wanted to do. I enjoy modeling because it is a form of art and I appreciate it in every angle.”

Where She’s At: “I want to become the new face of young, independent, intelligent Black women,” she continues. “I dream of becoming a famous entrepreneur and successful business woman. I want to appear in ad campaigns for clothing, make up commercials, print ads and runways.”

“Working full time, finishing school or pursuing modeling on a full time basis,” Denise responds, when asked how she deals with challenges. “All while maintaining my marriage and family life. It is hard at times, but I appreciate it more and more with each day that passes.”

Lovely Denise is also a splendid athlete. “I am proud of winning state championships with my college track and field team in 2006,” she says. “I vowed to compete in track and field when I went to college and I finally completed one of my dreams.” In the beginning it was hard because she and her family moved around a lot.

“It is very important to combine brains and beauty because being beautiful is much more than one's appearance,” Denise adds. “Wrinkles will come, but the mind will continue to grow and take care of you. It will help you out in the long run.”

“I love Victoria's Secret body spray's and lotions,” Denise says, when asked how she prepares to step out. “They are the only lotion and body cream that I've used that lasts the entire day. When I use make up, I like the smoothness of Clinique. My mom always wore a perfume called Far Away from Avon. I haven't found a perfume that compares to Far Away. I am a HUGE fan of stilettos. I don't really mind the brand name as long as they are beautiful and colorful. I wear a lot of clothing brands, but my favorite is Guess.”

Denise’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never forget what you have overcome because it will help you out with any future struggles. Don't be a follower, be a great role model for others to follow.”
Denise’s Secrets Of Success: “Staying true to yourself and to never let anyone make you feel less of a person or that you don't belong. Strive until you can't strive anymore. How will you know that you gave it your all until you succeed.”
Denise’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Wedding Planner, 50 First Dates, and How To Loose A Guy In 10 days.”
Denise’s Favorite Books: “Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Soulja, and John Grisham’s, The Testament.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Denise: “Barack Obama--he is very strong and powerful. I like how he doesn't back down to anyone; God. He made the book of life and anytime we have trouble in life, all we have to do is read it; and, Martin Luther King Jr.- He is the reason that we as African Americans can hope and dream.”
The First Three Things Denise Would Do As President: “Give everyone healthcare; help our youth figure out their dreams in life--I think that a lot of people are criminals because no one taught them how to dream or taught them self worth; and, work on a cure for cancer and HIV.”
Denise’s Five Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “St. John--Dog Tags,, Jay Z--Can't Be Life; Lauryn Hill-- Ex-Factor; Ciara--I Want The Title; and, Aaliyah--I care for you.”
Denise’s Favorite Five Websites: “Myspace, Model Mayhem, MSN, Black Star News,
The life files.”


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