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Where She’s From: Courtnee was
born in Gastonia, North Carolina, where she was also raised. “The most
important things that I have learned from my parents were; work hard,
stay focused, keep God first, and never give up on your dreams,� she
tells The Black Star News.

Courtnee attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State
University where she majored in Professional Theater. “I have always
done things to help me launch my career,� she explains. “I have done a
lot of research as preparation. I was a contestant in the Miss North
Carolina USA 2006 pageant, although I did not place, it opened my eyes
to a lot of things.�

She went on to win Miss Black and Gold Pageant at her university and
several other awards. “I have participated in a fashion show and
directed a fashion show. I have been in several productions at my
university,� Courtnee adds. “I believe that all of my hard work and
preparation until now has prepared me for what is to come. Modeling and
acting are my callings.  You have to truly be dedicated and

Where She’s At: “I am striving
to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel and an internationally known
supermodel,� Courtnee adds. “I want to be a versatile actress on film,
television and stage. I want to do commercials, voiceovers for a Disney
movie, have my own clothing line, and open up my own theater in North
Carolina. Anyone reading this, I am an investment worth making.�

“One thing that bothers me the most is the fact that the best talent is
found in the smallest cities,� Courtnee says, when asked about some of
the challenges she faces in the industry.

 “My challenge is finding someone who believes in me, and since
funds are not where they should be, I am having to send in resumes and
audition tapes to find a job in New York City and Los Angeles so when I
am given the opportunity I can just get up and move. This time in my
life is a test of my faith.�

“I got a callback for America's Next Top Model the upcoming cycle—I
didn't make it to the next round but getting a callback gave me some
reassurance,� she continues.

Courtnee’s artistic aspirations have no bounds. She has just finished
writing her first children’s play and she’s currently working on her
second one—then she’ll be shopping the books to publishers.

Where She’s Heading: “This is my passion; unfortunately, people do this
for the fame. But if I could touch one heart and change the negative
mindset of our young people, then I would have made a difference,�
Courtnee says. “Oprah is my inspiration; if you want change, do
something about it. I need a platform because more people will be
willing to listen if you had a status, for example Jay-Z, Beyonce,
Paris Hilton, Oprah. A lot of the wrong people, who are not about the
greater good, have platforms.�

So how does Courtnee prepare to step out? “Perfume, I like Dior Jadore,
Dolce and Gabbana light blue, my favorite, and Gucci Envy Me. Lotion: I
like Coco Butter and Victoria’s Secret smell good. For makeup, Sephora
carries wonderful products. I love MAC; anything with color. As for
clothing; whatever is cute and bright. For shoes, I don't have a
favorite because none of these companies have shoes to feet narrow
peoples’ feet.�

Courtnee’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Your biggest competition is yourself. If you want it bad enough, go take it; never give up on your dreams.�

Courtnee’s Secrets Of Success:
“Keeping faith in God. Surround yourself with positive people. Believe
in yourself. Prove yourself right; that you can do it, and prove them

Courtnee’s Favorite Three Movies: “Tyler Perry’s Diary of A Mad Black Woman; Batman Begins; and anything with Denzel Washington.�

Courtnee’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible, The Secret, and The Coldest Winter Ever.�

Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Courtnee: “Martin Luther King
Jr.; despite all his trials he marched on and he paved the way for me,
Oprah; humble and giving, she is happy to see other happy; and Beyonce,
she shows me that if you work hard you will reap what you sow.�

The First Three Things Courtnee Would Do As President: “Stop
the war; pay teachers more money—that should be one of the highest
paying jobs; and, bring prayer back to the schools—that is the problem,
with all these bad kids killing people now there needs to be structure
of some kind.�

Courtnee’s Favorite Cars: “BMW
745, sexy and so me. Enough room for me to take a nap in the back seat
while someone else drives. Benz, because it is sporty, and Honda
because it uses regular gas and gas prices are so high.�

Courtnee’s Five Favorite Musicians:
“Fantasia-I'm Here from the Color Purple and I Believe; Tye
Tribett-Victory, which is gospel; Elements in Motion-They were on the
Oscars, all I can say is wow; Jennifer Hudson-And I am Telling You;
and, Hezekiah Walker-Faithful.�

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