Danyale Has The Faith

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Danyale: “I have faith in myself and I know what I am, and what I’m capable of and not capable of. I hope to one day be the female Donald Trump. Not necessarily financial wise, but in the mogul department, meaning I want to run things.�


Where She’s From: The vivacious and lovely Danyale Faith Walden, an Aquarius, was born in Texas, and raised in Atlanta, Ga.

“I learned from my grandmother, to never let anyone take advantage of my kindness, because it would be viewed as a weakness,� the 21-year old tells The Black Star News.

She attended Tucker High School in Tucker, Ga., and went on to Clark Atlanta before transferring to AIU. She’s now attending Perimeter College and plans to move from there to Georgia State to major in Business. “I actually began modeling at a young age, at that time it was just something to do to keep me on the straight and narrow,� she explains.
“Later on, I took it on as part-time career. I feel that though I have been doing this a very long time, my career to me is just beginning. There is so much in the industry I’ve yet to experience. I’m just taking it one step at a time.�

Where She’s At: Danyale wants to combine a career in modeling, acting, songwriting and business. “I have faith in myself and I know what I am, and what I’m capable of and not capable of. I hope to one day be the female Donald Trump. Not necessarily financial wise, but in the mogul department, meaning I want to run things. From Laundromats, to grocery stores, to smoothie shops,� she adds. She is co-owner of a promotions company, eNViouS (New Voices of Soul) Inc.
At moments when she has to deal with tough challenges in the industry, “I just tell myself that I can make it through, because God always finds a way for me, and if I don’t find a way, I’ll make one.�

Where She’s Heading: She describes her music as “moving, unconventional, sexy sounds�—a mix of soul, “crunk & b� and even a bit of rock. Danyale's songs range from ballads like, “Déjà vu�, soul joints like, “You�, and edgy risqué cuts, “Like That�. She notes:  “I want people to not only love my songs, but to be able to feel them and relate to them, to the point were they’re keeping a song repeat mode!�
Her credits include:  Music Videos: Jagged Edge, “Stunnas�, Notorious B.I.G., “Spit Ya Game�, Killa Mike, “My Chrome�, LP, “We Can’t Lose�, Yung Joc, “I Know U See It�, Jeezy Featuring Fabulous, “Do Da Damn Thang�.

Danyale has done several magazine spreads, fashion shows and written “plenty of note-worthy songs. “I also feel blessed to be so embraced, and taken seriously and not as just some model. I have brains and talent also,� she adds. “The looks are what trap you and brains are what keep you.�  The tireless woman also plans a non-profit organization called DFW (Doing Faiths Work).

When Danyale is ready to step out how does she prepare? “I like Bobbi Brown and Mac products. I have very dry skin, so I lotion religiously, I normally use Nivea or Cocoa Butter. And I love to smell good, so I may spray on Christian Dior, or Carolina Herrera.�

Danyale’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never burn bridges, because you never know when you may have to cross back over them. And never Major in Minor things.�
Danyale’s Secrets Of Success: “Love and have faith in yourself, and trust God.�
Danyale’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Coming to America, There’s Something About Mary, and ScarFace.�
Danyale’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Coldest Winter Ever, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Prince by Machiavelli.�
What A President Danyale Would Do: “Bring those troops back, and use that war money to help out less fortunate people.�
Danyale’s Favorite Ride And Why: “I like Mercedes Benz Maclaren. It’s so pretty and fast! And I’m a big truck girl so I like the Range Rover.�
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