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Where She’s From: Beautiful model and publicist Erika Ellis was born in Illinois, and raised in Portland, Oregon. “The most important thing that I've learned from my family is to not forget where I came from because that is what makes me unique,” she tells The Black Star News.

Erika attended David Douglas High School in Portland, then went to Western Oregon University. “I jumped around to a few colleges before deciding that college was not for me,” she says. “I really got into a career in public relations once I decided that I wanted to have something more than a modeling career to offer my daughter's future.”
“I think that I am still learning a lot about becoming a good publicist. I'm learning to get over the initial fear of just going for what I want. So I would say it’s just the beginning because there is so much I would like to accomplish,” Erika continues.

Where She’s At: “I see my career blossoming in the near future,” Erika adds. “I would like to represent a few more clients and bring them the most possible exposure. I would prefer to stick with designers and musicians. And aside from that, have my pr firm known for throwing the best event in the Portland metro. Some of my challenges are just not getting discouraged at the ‘no's’ and the negativity. But to focus on the bigger picture and push through the hard time. I'm very proud of the confidence that I have gained from my modeling the past few years, it has helped me to be more sure of myself when presenting business.”

“Beauty will gain you interest and get you attention,” Erika says, when asked about the importance of combining looks with a game plan. “Brainpower will capture the heart and maintain attention. So I think you need both.”
So how does Erika get fabulous? “I am a make up junkie,” she confesses. “I will only use Clinique skin care products on my face. The 3 Step Skin Care System and the Turnaround Concentrate are my saving grace. There is nothing sexier than healthy skin. I also use Clinique foundation, my favorite is the super balanced makeup. And for color, I enjoy M.A.C. cosmetic, my favorite eye shadow is MAC's expensive pink. I always have good luck if I wear that shadow.”

Erika’s Words Of Wisdom: “Live your life being the best you that you can possibly be. Imitation is suicide.”
Erika’s Secrets Of Success: “I don't think there is a secret. I just go for it. I may not know exactly what I am doing but I'll figure it out along the way.”
Erika’s Favorite Movies: “Anchorman, Mean Girls, and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.”
Erika’s Favorite Three Books: “Check Please, by Janice Dickinson; Everything About Me is Fake and I'm Perfect, by Janice Dickinson; and, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.”
Three Leaders That Have Inspired Erika: “Oprah, Janice Dickinson, and Dorothy Dandridge.”
The First Three Things Erika Would Do As President:
“Better schools across the country; more programs to transition the homeless off the street; and, make healthcare easier to obtain.”
Erika’s Five Favorite Musicians: “Pink-I love the entire I'm Not Dead album; Justin Timberlake-Anything by him is good to me; T.I.- The T.I. vs. T.I.P. album is so clutch; Gym Class Heroes- my favorite song by them is The Makeout Club; and, Prince-anything and everything by Prince.”

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