Florida's Lovely Whitney

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Poole: “I won’t stop until I make it to the top,� she says. “I see myself becoming America’s Next Top Model.�

Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Lovely model Whitney Poole was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. “I am an adopted child. My parents raised and taught me to never give up no matter and they basically set me out to be on my own,” she tells The Black Star News. “So most things that I accomplished in my life have been on my own.”

Poole attended Maynard Evans High School in Orlando, Florida and right after graduation went to Lisa Maile Modeling School. She’s worked hard and held jobs to pay for her training.

Where She’s At:
In addition to modeling, Poole also has trained for a career in the culinary arts. “I won’t stop until I make it to the top,” she says. “I see myself becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

Some of this young beauty’s accomplishments includes being on BET’s March Calendar model for 2007. She’s been in Miss Teen America Pageants and in the Florida Courier newspaper as “Florida’s finest.”

Poole takes care of her body by eating well and working out. “It takes brainpower to understand that beauty is only temporary,” she warns other young aspirants. “You also cannot be too conceited just because you’re beautiful.”

So how does this lovely lady prepare to step out? “I love Victoria’s Secrets and Baby phat—those are definitions of a classy woman,” she says.

Poole’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Never give up and don’t let anyone stop you from being somebody. The world will never stop and it doesn’t revolve around you. Be independent and in control.”
Poole’s Secrets Of Success: “Ask God for strength, guidance, and patience.”
Poole’s Favorite Three Movies: “Titanic; Lion King; and, Stomp The Yard.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Influenced Poole: “Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Bill Clinton.”
The First Three Things Poole Would Do As President: “Lower gas prices; fix the schools; and fight against poverty.”
Poole’s Favorite Entertainers: “Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne.”

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