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Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From: Gbassa was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. “I grew up with a mother and step father, and natural father,” she tells The Black Star News. “So, there was a lot of knowledge spread around. I learned the art of listening, understanding, and communicating from my mother.  I learned my entrepreneurial spirit and the value of money from my step father. I learned humility, social consciousness, and community service from my natural father.”

Gbassa’s Zodiac sign is Cancer; “the most emotional and sensual sign,” she says. The beautiful young model attended Hampton University and launched her career through a small modeling agency in the town. She’s quickly gained wide recognition in the industry, marketing, building and branding various products.

Where She’s At: “I have so many aspirations, where do I start?” she continues. “One of my main aspirations is being a part of a smart, funny, and well received television cast. I am working on that by studying acting, developing an acting reel, and continuing to seek roles that are challenging and that showcase my abilities. Beyond that I would like to produce films and television programs. And I would also like to own a chain of boutiques across America.”

“Achieving balance is a challenge,” she adds, of the modeling industry. “I am basically trying stay focused on my goals and spell out my goals everyday in all aspects of my life. I also try to balance out different areas of my life. For instance, I am adding more spirituality and social time with friends and family because I am a work-a-holic for sure.”

Lovely Gbassa’s been the face of many well-known brands, including Avlon, Seagrams, Outre, Redstripe, Pelle Pelle, Phat Farm, Sears, and Mecca. She’s also been on the cover and the inside pages of publications, including XXL, The Source, Vibe, King, Divas (Parisian), Do It Yourself Hair, and Hype Hair, to name a few.

“I am proud that many producers respected my work enough to make me a part of HBO’s Entourage, the film, Monster In – Law with Jennifer Lopez, Hair Show with Monique, and my first starring role in an independent film In The Pipeline,” Gbassa adds.

Where She’s Heading: “I look forward to my first hosting position on National TV, which will be coming out soon on the small screen called The Cast and my featured role in an independent film to be shot this summer. So—look for me!” she says.

“I am most proud of being a young lady who dreamed of modeling and acting as a child and made it happen through thick and thin,” she continues. “I am proud of being self sufficient and successful and not falling into the traps of the big city. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And I am proud that to achieve my goals I have never compromised my name or integrity.”

“My mother always told me, beauty fades. And that is true,” she cautions. “The core of your existence should be one of intelligence. The reason people should like me is because I am beautiful inside and out with a cherry on top—

So how does this most attractive lady prepare to step out? “I am so not a glam girl on the regular. I’m more like a tomboy,” she laughs. “I do like Johnson and Johnson Body Gel; love it for smooth sexy legs. I love Gucci perfume. There are so many great make up lines, I just get what looks best.  Some of my favorite brands are Gucci, True Religion jeans, Roberto Cavalli jeans, boots, and stilettos, Louis Vuitton bags, Betsy Johnson everything, Gucci Sunglasses, anything fatigue, and I love diamonds and rubies. Ohh yea, and I’m not opposed to gifts.”

Gbassa’s Words Of Wisdom: “You only live once, so take calculated risks, and live it to the fullest.”
Gbassa Secrets Of Success: “Milk what works for you. Don’t take no for an answer if you really want something. Make a person tell you what it will take to get it.”
Gbassa’s Favorite Three Movies: “Love and Basketball – I cried when they broke up and when they got back together; Shottas – I think I am part Jamaican, so I loved it; and, Menace to Society – This movie was an important movie for young filmmakers and you have to love a hood movie.”
Gbassa’s Three Favorite Books: “Their Eyes Were Watching God; Rich Dad, Poor Dad; and, The Color Purple.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Gbassa: “Malcolm X – what strength; Harriet Tubman – what strength; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – what strength and determination; and, Minister Louis Farrakhan – he keeps us alive.”
The First Three Things Gbassa Would Do As President: “Cure hunger – the worst feeling to have is hunger; Calm this terrorist situation down – we no longer have quality of life;  find a cure for AIDS; and for all types of cancer.”
Gbassa’s Favorite Cars: “I love a Mercedes because of the service. Who else gives you road side assistance for the life of the car for free? Gotta roll with them. I also like a Maserati, it’s just so BOSS.”
Gbassa’s Favorite Musicians And Their Work: “Al Green – Everything Al Green;
Mariah Carey – You’ll always be my baby – love it; Foxy Brown – she fell off but she’s still the hardest female mc we have; Nelly – What a come up from St. Louis, I remember him doing shows with the St. Lunatics at home. I love their drive; Beyonce – She’s such a talented woman. And no one is really touching her right now. She upped the bar for young R&B singers; and, Sizzla – “Dry Cry” – Memories of a love.”
A Short Gbassa Story: “When I was a senior in high school I had a boyfriend. He came over to my house with new shoes. He didn’t have a job so I asked him how he bought the new shoes. He replied, ‘My grandmother bought them.’ So I, being the intelligent young lady, didn’t believe him. So I waited until he fell asleep on the couch,  we were watching movies in the den, and I grabbed his keys and looked in the trunk of his car. Bam, there was the shoe box, bag, and receipt. And guess what, the name on the credit card was not his grandmother, Ms. Nadine, it was another female’s name. So, he was caught. So I didn’t start yelling. I just fixed him. I went and got scissors from the bathroom, went back downstairs, and cut the tongues out of his shoes. When he woke up and got ready to leave, he slipped his shoes on and oops what happened to the tongues? The look on his face when he walked to his car with the useless shoes in his hand was priceless.”

To learn more about this lovely brainy lady with a long productive career ahead of her please visit: pictures and updates on my myspace page, which is

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