Interview: Toronto's Lovely Roxanne Wright

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Model Profile: Roxanne Wright

Q: Tell us a little about where you were born and where you were raised and the most important things you learned from your parents or other relatives.
A: I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I was raised in both Toronto and New York. Always been back and forth and I love it. The most important things I've learned from my Jamaican parents is to never give up, and to follow my dreams and heart, and to be a positive role model for others.
Q: Where did you go to school and when did you launch your career?
A: I went to school at Durham College and University of Institute of Technology (UOIT). I have both a College Diploma and a University Degree. I launched my modeling career at age 17.
Q: What stage do you consider your career to be at now?
A: I'm in the above-average stage in my career. I am very experienced but still have some goals within my career that I'd like accomplish.
Q: Where do you see it going and what’re your aspirations?
My aspirations and where I see myself involves me travelling alot more as a full time model.
Q: Talk about some challenges and how you conquer them?
A: Some challenges involve castings or photoshoots, etcetera, being held on the same date and same time. I can't be everywhere at once. I conquer these challenges by brainstorming and deciding which opportunity would be more beneficial for me and try to rearrange another time for when a casting agent or photographer can see me. I don't want any opportunity that comes my way to slip by me. 

Q: List some of the professional, modeling, acting, business, entrepreneurship, accomplishments you're most proud of?
A: Toronto Fashion Week; Alternative Fashion Week; Long Island City Fashion Week; DC Fashion Week; and, Crystal City Couture Fashion Week.

I'm in the process of being an instructor for my Runway Model Workshop, where I'll be teaching Beginner/Aspiring Models how to walk on the runway and how to pose in front of the camera. I've been asked by various photographers to assist them on shoots to help models with posing etcetera.
Q: Tell us why it’s important to combine brainpower and beauty?
A: It's important to combine brainpower with beauty because without it, you can be taken advantage of and people can walk all over you. Your looks can only take you so far and by having brainpower added to beauty you can get even further.
Q: What’s your philosophy of life?
A: Have goals in life and do all you can to achieve them and you won’t be disappointed with your accomplishments.
Q: Tell us about social work, community, public service that you're involved in.
A: I’ve been a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters going on four years now. I am a Big Sister and enjoy helping young girls find their true potential. I help them build their self esteem and encourage them to stay in school. I’m always willing to be their shoulder when they need someone to cry on and be the set of ears to them when they want someone to listen. One day soon, I’ll have my own organization where I can engage self empowerment within young women and allow them to want to do all they can to better themselves.
Q: List some of the brands such as clothing and products such as lotions, makeup, perfume, and clothing, shoes that you use and why you like them?
A: Clothing: Gucci; Michael Kors; Louis Vuitton; Prada;  and, RocaWear.
Lotion: Almond Milk Body Lotion from The Body Shop; and, Vanilla Body Lotion from The Body Shop.
Make up: Bobbi Brown; Covergirl; Iman; and, Make Up Forever.
I like these brands and products because I feel as if they work best with me. I like being stylish.
Q: Your words of wisdom.
A: Never give up on yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you can do!
Q: Your secrets of success.
A: I followed my own words of wisdom. I never gave up on myself and I tried my best in everything I do. I know where I want to be in life and I know who I am.
Q: Your favorite all time 3 movies.
A: Love and Basketball; The Secret; and, The Notebook.
Q: Your favorite all time 3 books.
A: "Cold Summer Afternoon," by Rasheed Clark; "Coldest Winter Ever," by Sister Souljah; and, "The Secret," by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Q: Three leaders, living or not, that inspire you the most and why.
A: My parents, Martin Luther King and Obama are leaders who inspire me because they are all willing to make change and stand their ground. Their hard work is displayed everyday, they will never be forgotten and say what’s on their mind whether you like it or not.

Q: Your 5 favorite websites  

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