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Where She’s From: Jennifer McKnight was born in Wilmington, Delaware but raised in the small town of Summerton, South Carolina.

“It is one of those towns in the South with approximately 1,000 people, many of them related,” she tells The Black Star News. “There is a lot of racial tension where I'm from, but it prepared me for anywhere I decide to go. The town is rooted in history as being the first city to file a desegregation case in 1950 with Thurgood Marshall representing in Briggs v. Elliott.”

She adds, “My relatives suffered threats from the KKK and many lost their jobs and homes and fled North to cities like Baltimore and New York. Although small town life can be limiting, my parents raised me to remember that the world was bigger than Summerton, and I could do and go anywhere I wanted to.”

Where She’s At: Jennifer attended two Universities- Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio and UNC-Chapel Hill. “I finished my last year at UNC correspondence while raising a family in Seattle Washington,” she adds. “I also launched my career during that time in Seattle, Washington.  My degree is in African American Studies.”

“I decided to begin modeling full time because it was enjoyable and I saw the potential for it being profitable,” Jennifer says. “It was a huge decision for me to leave my job in the software industry to work as a Promotional Model. But I soon realized that this is what I love doing and I believed that I could make it work for me.”

“I would like to become a Spokesmodel for a cause I believe in, such as AIDS/HIV prevention in the African American community, education for low income schools, and Domestic Violence prevention/education,” the entrepreneurial model continues. “I would like to publish my own calendar and establish a scholarship fund for intelligent young men with criminal records.  I would also like to make my promotional staffing company, PromoClick, nationwide.”

“For a long time, finishing school and raising my daughter was one that was very difficult for me,” Jennifer says, when asked how she deals with challenges. “I would have not accomplished it without the many wonderful friends that provided me support and free babysitting, and the part time jobs from Black Press publications: SESH Communications and the Charlotte Post, which allowed me to take my daughter to work with me.”

Jennifer has goals and the drive to attain them. With only six months under her belt, she’s launched her own company, successfully ran one campaign, has been a print model for Seattle boutique Missi Lu’s Spring 2007 Collection ( and has been hired as a Washington State Spokesperson for Clearly LASIK.  “I also was active in theatre, have been featured in one college documentary, and, recently had my first job as a working actress,” the go getter adds. “I am also a published poet and journalist and hope to expand on that in the future. “

“Beauty opens the door, but brainpower keeps you in the room,” she explains.

So how does Jennifer prepare to step out?

“In terms of clothes, I have not dedicated myself to a particular brand but I love Aveeno products. My mother raised me on Oatmeal masks, and it just seems natural, Pre scri ptives makeup, because it matches my skin wonderfully, and MAC makeup because it’s just dramatic and looks great in a photo.”

Jennifer’s Words Of Wisdom:
“The first step to achieving your dreams is setting the goal.”
Jennifer’s Secret To Success:  “I believe the key to being successful is believing in yourself. Only you can set limitations. Once you lift those limitations, you determine how far you go.”
Jennifer’s Favorite Three Movies: “Life Is Beautiful,  with subtitles; The Inkwell; and The pursuit of Happyness.”
Jennifer’s Favorite Three Books: “The Complete Guide to Alternative and Conventional Treatments; Black Sun Signs: An African American Guide to the Zodiac; I don’t read novels much but I loved Beloved by Toni Morrison, and have read that multiple times.”
The First Three Things Jennifer Would Do As President: “Make healthcare available to every American; make voting mandatory; and, finally I would change higher education so that it is more based on academic ability and not primarily financial ability. “
Jennifer’s Favorite Car: “I have no idea why- but I really want a Saturn Sky in Carolina Blue.”
Jennifer’s Favorite Musicians And Their Songs:  “Erykah Badu- favorite song Southern Gurl; Nas- favorite Song- Street Dreams; Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers- Favorite Song- Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Diana Ross- Favorite Song- Love Hangover; and, Fiona Apple- favorite song – Sleep to Dream.”
Jennifer’s Favorite Five Websites: “;,, My email, and of course”
A Short Jennifer Story, when she’s always Asked ‘Why Seattle’?: “I miss Charlotte so much, and love when I fly into Atlanta or Raleigh. Why do I stay? I stay because most people I know don’t associate Seattle with African Americans. This is sad, because the city has a great economy and great schools. It’s honestly just a great place to live.”

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