Jessica Moultrie, NY Beauty

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“I've met so many people, famous and non famous, who have given me good advice for this business so I'm very educated about it,� Jessica explains


Where She’s From: Jessica Amanda Moultrie was born October 30, 1986, and now lives on Long Island, just 20 minutes from her favorite City—New York. “I was blessed with parents who have raised me very well,� she tells The Black Star News, noting that she also has three brothers, aged 21, 18, and 11. “The most important thing I've learned from my parents is to always have self-respect and never settle for anything less.�

This simple advice didn’t sound like much until Moultrie launched her career. Now, her parents words “helps me keep my head up high no matter what and gets me through my daily decisions,� she notes. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn't for them.�

She attended New York schools through high school, graduating in 2005, before attending college in Boston, to major in criminal justice. Moultrie has since moved back to the New York area, where she now combines academics with her modeling and emerging singing careers. “I’m still in school because I think it is so important to have brains, not just beauty,� she notes. “Being beautiful can only get you but so far—being smart can take you all the way.�

Where She’s At: “My talents are acting, modeling, singing and hosting,� Moultrie says. “I am very passionate about all of them. I have a lot of support from a bunch of people. My career was launched in May of 2005 when I started hosting for a pilot. Hosting is something I enjoy very much. Then hosting led to modeling which is something I also enjoy. What makes me happy the most is singing.� Moultrie is currently working on her demo. She also has entrepreneurial interests and hopes to one day join her family’s real estate business as a partner.

Where She’s Heading: “My future goals are to have a successful singing, modeling, hosting, and acting careers,� Moultrie tells The Black Star News.

This energetic beauty lives life to the fullest and enjoys meeting new people. “I've met so many people, famous and non famous, who have given me good advice for this business so I'm very educated about it,� she explains. “I've come across many people, good and bad, and both types inspire me to get to the top.�

Moultrie’s Words Of Wisdom: “Remember, never do anything someone else wants you to do to make it—no matter how long it takes you to make it, always do things the right way.�

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