Kathleen: Beauty From Montreal

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Where She’s From:
Kathleen Elie was born and raised in cold Montreal, Canada, but originally hails from sunny Haiti. The multi-linguist speaks French, English, Creole, Spanish and some Dutch. “I am the youngest of a family of four. I have three older brothers so guys look out. Your game better be on point before you step up to me,� she tells The Black Star News, with a laugh. “I’m well protected. My family is very close knit. We love spending time together and we share everything. My brother David is like my best friend. He keeps me focused and supports me in everything I do. He’s the first one I give all my news to and the first one I go cry to also.�

Kathleen adds: “I learned a lot from my family but the number one thing I’ve learned are perseverance, hard work and love for God. I also have two nephews and one niece to die for.�

This lady is well equipped for success—in any profession. “I’m not just a pretty face I have a pretty brain too,� Kathleen says. “I studied in both Montreal and in the Netherlands.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Finance and International management and a Fashion Design degree.�

“I am an entrepreneur at heart. I’m always up to something,� she adds. “ I just recently moved to New York to work with Anna Sui, a highly respected fashion designer here in New York city. Fashion is my passion and my gift. It just makes sense to me. My grandfather was a tailor, my mother after him has been sewing for over 50 years and now it’s my turn. My clothing line will be available soon online and in boutiques across America and Canada. I am also a stylist.  I have styled for portfolio shoots, for Telemax International a show produced by Wyclef Jean and several high visibility fashion shows in Canada. I intend to do the same here in the US.� 

Kathleen’s favorite fashion designers are Roberto Cavalli, Anna Sui and Oscar de la renta.

Where She’s At: There is no stopping this dynamic lady who is definitely destined to make her mark on the industry. “I have really seriously just launched my career in my opinion. Before moving to New York, I was taking on opportunities that just happened to fall on my lap. I modeled for the biggest fashion show in Montreal, Signature, for years and for designers like Lela, Mirmonde, Deer Willow and others.�

Kathleen has worked with many photographers such as: Barrie Macleod, Julian, Ro2ro, Robert Gilbert, Andrew J. and Golden Lion Photography. Her pictures can be seen on numerous websites. She’s also been featured in a national campaign on television, billboards and radio and has appeared on TV. shows like Salut Bonjour.

“For the past few months I’ve put together a made to measure clothing and personal styling company. I love to shop for other people and getting paid for it makes it all the better,� she adds.

Where She’s Heading: “I have many different projects in the works as we speak and will make sure to keep The Black Star news informed,� Kathleen continues. “A lot of them cannot be discussed at the moment but I can tell you that they have nothing to do with entertainment and involve research and development. Gotta keep my brain busy. The privacy level on them is highly sensitive. As far as entertainment is concerned. I am working hard to accomplish many things. I want to master fashion, first by continuing to model, second by bringing my brand in a store near you. Third—show you what I can do: am working with up and coming super star as stylist and image consultant. They be looking good!�

As if her hands weren’t full enough, Kathleen also eyes a career in journalism and broadcast. “I am looking to have my own show, most likely a sit-com because I am sarcastic as hell and people think I’m funny, or a talk show because I am good at conducting interviews and getting information out of people,� she explains. “People tend to feel comfortable around me. I love to talk and be heard.�

One can only achieve much when one remembers to give back, Kathleen says. She’s already hosted her own charity fashion show that brought over 1,000 people. “My utmost desire is to put together a charity for less fortunate children all over the world,� she says. “I cannot stand the inequalities of this world.  I have two major projects that will give a chance to the most fortunate people in the world to give back in a big way to the children in need. I am a busy little bee as they say.�

“I can honestly say that God is my strength. Sometimes I feel like I am loosing my mind and then I remember that what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger and I just keep on going. I know God will take me there,� Kathleen continues.

“Beauty can take you very far in a good way and in a bad way too,� Kathleen warns. “Beauty is a gift that opens many doors. It’s up to us to use it for good and to make the most out of it by using our brains. Beauty is power and if used right beauty can change the world. Girls we are more then just pretty faces. There is a saying in French that says: ‘Sois belle et tais-toi!’. It means ‘to be beautiful but to shut up!’ I say that we should be beautiful and speak up because people will listen.�

How does Kathleen dress to kill? “Body products: Arbonne international. Make up: Nars makeup. Clothes: The best reactions that I get are usually when I wear my own clothing. So for clothes I would have to say my own brands: F.Y.I and Shhh Couture. Shoes: One should invest in good quality shoes. I love to wear heels. I wear them everyday. My favorite because they look good and are comfortable at the same time are BCBG and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Perfume is Irresistible by Givenchy.�

Kathleen’s Words Of Wisdom: “ Don’t let people put you down. For every person that hates you, you’ll find 10 that love you. Believe in yourself. Your opinion is the most important. This industry can make you so insecure. Don’t let them get in your head. Only the strongest survive.�
Kathleen’s Secrets Of Success: “Keep on moving forward. When you don’t know where to go call on God and He will show you the way.�

Kathleen’s Favorite Movies: “Saving Private Ryan, The Lord of the Rings and Two can play that game. I also liked The Pianist a lot.�
Kathleen’s Favorite Book: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.�

Leaders That Have Most Inspired Kathleen:
“My father is the best example I’ve ever had.�
The First Three Things Kathleen Would Do As President: “I would put all the privately owned business presidents involved in fraud behind bars; I would finance the use of alternative sources of energy and try to do as much as possible to save our planet; and, last but not least, I would change the US education system to resemble Canada’s. It would be a lot less expensive, the same as it’s back home in Canada. We go to school practically for free over there.�

For business purposes, to contact this beautiful model, designer and tireless businesswoman please visit www.myspace.comkathleenelie or reach her at shhhcouture@gmail.com

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