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Ava: “I see myself being the next Melyssa Ford. My inspiration are of many but if I would have to choose I would say to help as many aspiring models gain exposure and push their careers as far as I can.�

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Where She’s From: Ava Ja'Dore was born and raised in Los Angeles, up until the age of 13 when she moved to San Fernando Valley.

“One of the most important things I have learned from my parents is to stand up for what I want with a strong head on my shoulder. No matter what life throws my way I am ready for it and willing to endure it all.”

Ava Ja'Dore graduated from Hamilton High School and went on to college. “Before modeling I was in a music group called Jane Doe,” she adds. “Once that was dissolved I studied recording engineering and people kept telling me that I need to model so after owning my own make up line and stressing on the product, I started looking for other ways to make money so I started off modeling to pay my way while I attend real estate school and I have been loving both careers every since.”

Where She’s At:
“I consider my career to be in it's growth stages now being that I have advanced a great deal from when I started,” the generously and beautifully-endowed entrepreneur says. “I see myself being the next Melyssa Ford. My inspiration are of many but if I would have to choose I would say to help as many aspiring models gain exposure and push their careers as far as I can.”

“Not to sound so cliché besides going through a lot of ups and downs with my other companies and business partners and just life itself my most greatest accomplishment is being a single mom,” adds Ava Ja'Dore.

Her professional modeling accomplishments include being a Sexxa Wear model, Fantasy World Model Calendar Model, Dezire Designs Model, Magic Trade Show Model, Jynedoe Model Calendar Model, Summer Bunnies Model,  Budweiser Trade Show Model, Sweet Vibes Fitt Model, and founding her own company.

“Beauty is just that and it can last for along time and get you through a lot of doors but what happens after you get in?” Ava Ja'Dore warns other aspiring models. “With brains, once you get in you have the knowledge and the know how to make professional mature decisions.”

How does this dynamic entrepreneur dress to kill?

“Seven Jeans, love the fit; lotions, Bath and Body, Japanese garden. Makeup, MAC. Perfume, Ralph Lauren and shoes, I love Jimmy Choo .”

Ava Ja'Dore's Words Of Wisdom:
“Cynics criticize, winners analyze; which are you?
People come into your life for reasons and seasons pick and choose wisely.”
Ava Ja'Dore's Secrets Of Success: “Stay focused, positive and let no one tell you what you can or can't do. I study and live by the Laws Of Attraction.”
Ava Ja'Dore's Favorite Three Movies: “Color Purple, Dirty Dancing, and Purple Rain.”
Ava Ja'Dore's Favorite Three Books: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Rich Woman.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Ava Ja'Dore: “My parents, Tyra Banks, Iman.”
The First Three Things Ava Ja'Dore Would Do As President: “First I would stop the war; raise minimum wages; and make more money and supply more shelters for the homeless.”
Ava Ja'Dore's Favorite Cars: “Lambo's; Range Rover; and Lexus.”
Ava Ja'Dore's Favorite Musicians: “Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston.” All of their music

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