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Where She’s From:
Brandi Alexis was born in Michigan in the Metro Detroit area. “My parent really went above and beyond in the raising of their children. I have to say I attribute all of my success to them,” she tells The Black Star News. “They were very selfless with their money - and still are today.  They allowed me to train for 16 years in the sport of figure skating which I'm sure cost them somewhere in the high hundred thousands to fund. It's the most expensive sport on the planet.”

Alexis attended the University of Michigan on a full academic scholarship. “I have my BA in Communications. I plan to attend law school somewhere in the Miami area next fall, I just have to conquer the LSAT first,” Alexis adds.

Where She’s At:
Alexis began modeling while studying at U of M and fell in love with it. “My career has many stages: academic, professional and entertainment,” she says. “In academics I'm still climbing the ladder in preparation for Law School.  Professionally I've done well in communications owning the marketing division of my company, in modeling I'm still working hard. I've just moved to a new market and am making new connections and building my book to suit the clients in this area.  Miami is a much different market than Detroit.”

“I think that anything is possible in the entertainment world. Tyra Banks was walking down the street one day and was discovered. However, God blessed me with a strong mind, therefore I'm prepared if my modeling career doesn't reach its highest heights.  I'll be happy with whatever happens,” she notes.

“I'm most proud of my scholarship to the University of Michigan,” Alexis says, when asked about achievements. “They don't give out many so receiving it was an honor.  I'm also proud of one of my magazine covers: Metro Detroit Bride. It’s a great classy magazine and I was so glad they selected me.  Also my recent advertisement for Nissan.”

“The modeling business is cut throat.  If you don't use your head you can be used and abused.  All models need to exercise a little brain power to keep themselves safe and secure.  And of course, modeling doesn’t last forever. You have to fall back on something when it’s all said and done.”

So how does this mission-oriented beauty prepare to step out?

“I enjoy Bebe and Marciano a lot. Sophisticated yet sexy clothing. You can join the business world without feeling like you've aged 20 years. For shoes I appreciate Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson and Naughty Monkey.”

Alexis’s Words Of Wisdom: “Let go and Let God.”
Alexis’s Secrets Of Success: “Family, Faith and a strong back bone.”
Alexis’s Favorite Movies: “Memento, Four Brothers, Bruce Almighty.”
Alexis’s Favorite Books: “Something Borrowed, Memoirs of a Geisha, Monkey.”
Leaders That Have Inspired Alexis: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton
The First Thing Alexis Would Do As President: “Make prayer legal in schools.”
Alexis’s Favorite Cars: “I've been a fan of the Mustang since I was a kid.  I also love the
flashy fast cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari.”
Alexis’s Favorite Entertainers: “Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Fergie, Beyonce, Michael Jackson.”
Alexis’s Favorite,,,,”


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