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Where She’s From: Lovely recording artist and author Kellae, whose Zodiac sign is Aries was born in Kansas and raised in Kansas, Missouri as well as Texas. “My parents instilled such a great sense of self worth and love,� she tells The Black Star News.

“They constantly reaffirmed me, including my extended family. They taught me the importance of maintaining a beautiful inner spirit. It was due to those lessons I was able to maintain confidence in myself when others felt & expressed differently regardless as to whether it was in reference to my outer appearance or my talent.�  

“Seven years ago while having a conversation with another friend who was also an aspiring artist I had a Damascus moment,� Kellae says. “I knew right in the middle of that conversation with her that I had to pursue my dream effective immediately or die. Not a physical death but rather my dream would die. The next day I began pursuing it as if my life depended on it.�   

Where She’s At: “I see myself as an international sensation, crossing continental boundaries and inspiring all walks of life,� she continues, referring to what the future might hold in store. “My aspiration is to become the best I can be in the music world in front of the scenes as an artist as well as behind the scenes as a business woman. I’m gonna say this at the risk of sounding like a Miss World contestant—but ultimately I also aspire to inspire others to fulfill their dream as they watch me fulfill my dream.�

Kellae doesn’t mind talking about some of the less pleasant aspects of the entertainment industry. “One of the issues I encountered in these short seven years pierced me to the core. The challenges were so disturbing to me I based part of my book Memoirs Of Anonymous Superstar on it,� she says. “It’s quite prominent to exchange sexual favors for advancement in the industry. There’s no way to conquer the issue so I did the next best thing, I conquered me. I stuck to my resolve and didn’t ‘give it up.’ For me it was a challenge to be taken seriously solely based on my musical skills versus my sexual skills. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no super woman; don’t think I didn’t strongly consider it—that’s in the book too.� 

Where She’s Heading: “I’m proud of the fact that my hubby Will and I established BushWaK Entertainment with no outside help or funding,� Kellae says, of their company. “I’m proud of the fact that after seven years I haven’t given up on my dream of becoming an international, multi-platinum recording artist and before end of summer my album will be released with or without the help of a major. I’m very proud of the fact that I took almost two year of my life to write and self publish my first book Memoirs Of An Anonymous Superstar. Not waiting on others to make those dreams happen gives me a sense of fulfillment and pride which births hope for the next dream.�

“I not only wanna be captivating to the eye, I wanna captivate your mind too,� the lovely recording artists whose work can be heard on continues. “Beauty combined with brains takes you on a mental rise that beauty alone won’t carry you to. Beauty gets you in the door but brains give you the ability to own the door.�

So what’s Kellae’s secrets to that radiant beautiful glow? “Six to eight bottles of water per day, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil, lots of avocado and a bran shake every morning which helps promote daily elimination thus purging my body of harmful toxins and those are just a few things on the list,� she says. “There is a major factor involved which I can't take credit for, good genes,� she adds, with a wink.

Kellae’s Words Of Wisdom:
“I’m so into The Secret right now. I didn’t jump on the band wagon because it is the ‘it thing’ by which some swear is true. I’m a member of the band because it is the truth! I’ve been quoting a statement I heard from The Secret that goes like this. ‘I am available to more good than I’ve ever realized, dreamed or predicated!’ Those are the words of wisdom I eat, sleep and breathe.�
Kellae’s Secrets Of Success: “Faith, persistence and gratefulness. I kept believing no matter how bleak it looked. I kept trying even though I felt tired and defeated and I maintained my appreciation for what I did have versus what I didn’t have. Not 100 percent of the time, yeah right, of course not, I’m human. But the majority of the time I lived by these three virtues.�
Kellae’s Favorite Three Movies: “I love triumph movies of all sorts from sci-fi to drama so I have an eclectic pick. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Color Purple and Lord of The Rings trilogy. Yeah I know diverse like me.�
Kellae’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible, The Secret and of course, my book, Memoirs Of An Anonymous Superstar.�
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Kellae: “Jesus Christ, Madam CJ Walker and Martin Luther King Jr.�
Kellae’s Favorite Car: “If I were a car I’d be a Saleen s7. We have much in common: fast, exotic, unique, eye-catching and rare. We’re even similar aesthetically which would explain why I enjoy the rear the most. I will own that car one day.�
Kellae Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Michael Jackson—Gotta Be There, Human Nature, The Lost Children; Prince—Darling Nikki, Beautiful Ones; Beyonce—Signs, Freakum Dress; Mint Condition—Pretty Brown Eyes, Forever in Your Eye, You Send Me Swinging; and if I can I be one of my own favorite, my favorite songs by me thus far are 6&9 and Let Me Love You.�
A Short Kellae Story: “Everything I have ever really wanted and gone after in life I’ve obtained!! I don’t see why it should be any different this time. A man of virtue once told me if I gave my life to God I would sing before many and make millions. I have sung before many, over 10,000, I’m waiting on my millions now.�

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