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Melanie: “There is power in knowing you can do something without relying on others. The old adage still applies—Beauty fades!�

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Where She’s From: Melanie Elise Brereton was born and raised in Southern California. “My father taught me, ‘to be a leader you only need to take initiative,’” she tells The Black Star News.

Melanie graduated with an Associates Degree in Arts from Citrus College. “In 2004 I put school on hold to pursue acting,” she adds. “I plan to return to school after I have accomplished my goals in entertainment. I will have a degree in business and become a Doctor of Naturopathy.”  

Where She’s At: “I am in the beginning stages of my career,” Melanie says. “I have had small successes and met a lot of great people. I am excited to see the developments of my hard work come to fruition.  I see myself as a role model to young women taking on challenging roles that sends a powerful message. I see myself looking back at a wealth of projects that I can be proud of.”

“I think my greatest challenge or obstacle was myself and I had to really look into my fears and release,” she continues. “I just take the first step knowing that if I fall I can get back up brush myself off and continue with the next step.” 

Melanie has already scored numerous modeling and acting work. “I have been blessed to be a part of many fashion shows. My current model agency is PEAK Models and they have been really terrific,” she says. “I’ve had small parts in shows like That’s So Raven.”  

She adds: “It’s a great thing to acquire knowledge in anything you do. There is power in knowing you can do something without relying on others. The old adage still applies—Beauty fades!” 

So how does this beauty prepare before stepping outside? “I am very health conscious and use a lot of natural products that I prepare and bottle myself,” Melanie confides---and by her appearance and beautiful radiant skin, she’s doing a good job at it. “For lotions I use olive oil or almond oil with a mix of certain plants to add fragrance. I kind of just have fun with it and try new things each time. I love clothing as an expression of you and right now I am a total beach bum in baby doll dresses, lace adorned with sequence, free, fun and flow-y. I love mixing and matching jewelry to add to the look.”  

Melanie’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Love life each day; appreciate everything that goes right and release the things that aren’t because this moment right now, is the only moment that matters.”
Melanie Secrets Of Success: “The Internet; you can learn anything you want, it’s only a click away.”
Melanie’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know, and The Prestige.” 
Melanie’s Favorite Three Books: “If I was stranded on an island and could only have one source of entertainment I would choose books. My favorites are Quantum Success, Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life, and Back Roads.”
A Leader That Have Most Inspired Melanie: “I find Nelson Mandela’s story uplifting. Many people day to day inspire me.”

Melanie’s Favorite Cars: “My favorite car color is Silver as far as the actual car I like luxury cars or older cars because they are made with stronger material.” 
Melanie’s Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “My taste changes frequently but I love music and the powers it has to influence your feelings and state of mind at that moment.”

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