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Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Angel Medina, a Pisces, was born and raised in Washington, DC.  “My parents have always worked extremely hard for the things they have accomplished and have taught me to appreciate everything and remember where you come from, but not to let your fears or disappointments hold back your future opportunities,” she tells The Black Star News.

Medina attended St. John’s College High School and is currently a student at UNC, Greensboro.

Where She’s At: “I launched my career last September when I auditioned for my college’s modeling troupe called Cliché,” she adds. “That’s what really opened my eyes to the modeling and fashion industry.”

“Since I have truly only been modeling for barely a year, I feel as though there is still much for me to learn,” Medina continues. “In the same respect, I do feel that I have accomplished a lot in this short amount of time and I look forward to growing and learning more as I continue in this business.”

“I major in Business Administration, so that gives me an edge on understanding the business atmosphere, and recognizing there is more to this industry than clothes and makeup,” Medina adds, demonstrating that she has eyes on the big Prize.

“My aspirations would be to make it to magazines such as KING, SMOOTH, BLACK MEN, MAXIM. Beyond that, I would love to explore different types of modeling, high fashion, commercial, etc.”

“My biggest challenge has been to stay motivated in what I do, and keep giving one hundred percent,” she adds. “In this competitive field, their will always be someone working harder than you, and do more than you to get it.  So I have to stay focused and not get discouraged, especially when things might not exactly go the way you planned.”

Where She’s Heading:
Medina’s scores include walking in the runway show for Spotlight on Fashion sponsored by Coogi and FUBU clothing lines, as well as, Viva La Glam, sponsored by Mac Cosmetics. “I was a featured model on SUMMERBUNNIES.COM with world famous photographer Dwyane Darden,” she continues.

“Models have the stereotype of being all looks and no brains. It is especially important to be able to have a well-rounded personality. During interviews, be able to sound educated and confident, develop networking skills that is vital to your career, and the list goes on.  Understanding what a model needs to do to further their career depends on your knowledge of the business and how to set goals on what your next steps should be.”

Medina’s Words Of Wisdom:
“This industry can be very competitive and stressful. Do not compromise yourself and do absolutely anything to get what you want. Have boundaries to everything you do.”
Medina’s Secrets Of Success: “Doing research, learning about myself, learning how to network with the right people, and staying positive no matter how many disappointments you may run into.”
Medina’s Favorite Three Movies: “Madea Family Reunion, Friday, and SAW.”
Medina’s Favorite Three Books: “Their Eyes Were Watching God; Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings; and, The Coldest Winter.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Medina: “Oprah, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson.”
The First three Things Medina Would Do As President: “Extract the troops from Iraq; create more job opportunities for the underprivileged; and, reconstruct the educational system in urban communities.”
Medina’s Favorite Cars: “The Chevy Impala because that’s what I drive right now.”
Medina’s Five Favorite Performers: “Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You; Aaliyah-4 page letter; Silk-Meeting in My Bedroom; Tank-Maybe I Deserve; and, Brian McKnight-Love of My Life.”

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