Mimo Moore; Philosopher Queen

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Mimo: "I believe one should strive to separate themselves from life’s indulgences to truly understand happiness."

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Where She’s From: Mimo Moore was born in Queens, New York and raised in both Astoria, Queens, New York also known as “Little Colombia” and Atlanta, Georgia. “I spent a lot of time being on my own, so I mainly learned how to be independent and be a self-starter,” she tells The Black Star News.

Mimo took Physician Assistant studies at St. John’s University of Jamaica, Queens, in New York. “I’m still in the process of finishing my hospital rotations so I haven’t truly started my career yet,” she says, “But I started modeling when I was about 18 and started photography about a year later. I’m doing everything that I love, modeling, photographing, working with animals, studying medicine, and being a mom!”

Where She’s At: “I originally had my mind set on the military,” she continues. “I was exposed to a certain lifestyle at a young age and I have a bit of what people call a military mindset. It seems almost contradictory that I study medicine when I grew up dreaming of being a sniper, but it actually can go hand-in-hand.  I’m also interested in investing and real estate, so one of my options is being a Physician Assistant of a government organization and using my career as a stepping stone into more investments.”

Mimo adds: “In the end, I’d like to retire into working with and for animal welfare, whether it’s running my own shelter or being a part of a conservation project.”

“I’m most proud of my educational accomplishments,” Mimo says. “I’ve managed to not only be accepted into a very prestigious medical program, but I’ve made it thus far while being a somewhat single mom. I’ll also be the first in my immediate family, and second in the entire family, to complete a college education.”
“Professionally, I’m proud of my success as a photographer. I was able to use my experience on one side of the lens as a model, to my benefit on the other side as a photographer,” she adds.

“I believe mind over matter applies a lot in our lives, and it certainly applies here. But I don’t agree with the popular saying that beauty fades over time,” Mimo says. “You were either beautiful to begin with, had the potential to be beautiful, or were never beautiful at all. To me, the most beautiful people are the ones that can keep you smiling without even trying.”

Mimo has a different philosophy when it comes to brand names and some of the other hyped-up things in the fashion industry. “I’m really not into any of those things,” she says. “I believe one should strive to separate themselves from life’s indulgences to truly understand happiness. That includes adornment like clothes and jewelry; sex, unless for procreation or to express emotion; food, since you can live just fine without the caviar, and of course alcohol, recreational drugs, and anything else that harms the body. I didn’t really have much money growing up and I can still be perfectly content without it.”

She adds, “And to let you in on a little secret, I hate wearing makeup.  Might it be a coincidence that my mother is a makeup artist?”

Mimo’s Words Of Wisdom: “Answer only what was asked of you, speak only when spoken to.”
Mimo’s Secrets Of Success: “Don’t blindly follow, question everything, seek knowledge, and try to be the best at everything you do.  Figure out what it is that you really want. Don’t mind what everyone else thinks is great,  do what you feel is great.”
Mimo’s Favorite Books: “Flowers for Algernon, Where the Red Fern Grows, Kite Runner, The Da Vinci Code and Life of Pai.”
Three Leaders That Have Inspired Mimo: “I’m wary of dubbing anyone an inspiration. Humans are human, and I wouldn’t idolize a human. Although there are many influential people of the past and present, none of them are perfect.” 
Mimo’s Favorite Entertainers: “Don Omar’s Angelito Vuela and for the moment, Romeo’s Noche de Sexo. For English and American music I’ll listen to whatever, Big Pun, Cuban Link, DMX, Bone Thugs n Harmony to name a few.”
Mimo’s Five Favorite Websites:www.mimomoore.com, www.mimomoore.com/forum, www.babiesrus.com, www.drsfosternsmith.com, www.facebook.com.”

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