Nebraska’s Lovely Lanesha Mickles

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Nesha also followed her mothers bidding to attend college and earned her degree. “She taught me to love passionately and be real,� she adds, of her mother, “say what you mean and mean what you say..."


Where She’s From: Lovely Lanesha Mickles, also known as “Nesh,” was born in Omaha, Nebraska and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and modeling dreams.

“My mother always taught me to be independent at a young age,” she tells The Black Star News. “I started working when I was 14 years old and I’ve been employed ever since.”

She also followed her mothers bidding to attend college and earned her degree. “She taught me to love passionately and be real,” she adds, of her mother, “say what you mean and mean what you say. She taught me to be honest and how to be a strong woman no matter what obstacles are faced---My mom is my number one fan; her and my daughter.”

Where She’s At:
Mickles’ first love is acting. She’s been in stage plays, film shorts, voice overs, and she’s been featured on some T.V. shows as well. “I think modeling and acting go hand and hand,” Mickles says.  “Actors usually end up booking modeling gigs, so the exposure that I am getting and hopefully will get more of is great. Besides I love making love to the camera—in a classy way that is,” she laughs.

Mickles believes that a strong will is required to succeed in her chosen calling. “Some of my challenges are deciding how to pursue my career and knowing which roles or projects to turn down or be involved in,” she explains. “Another challenge is being a single parent trying to pursue an entertainment career when at times it’s not paying the bills.”

She occasionally misses Omaha, especially during the holidays, but she knows that the sacrifice is worth the rewards. “I start thinking to myself that I am that much closer than I was this time last year to achieving my career goals and that makes me put my head up and know that I have to work even harder to fulfill my goals and dreams,” she adds. “But above all else, I look to God for answers thru prayer to get me thru everything no matter how big or how small it is.”

Mickles cautions aspiring models and actors that they can’t wing it on looks alone. “You see the stories all the time of models, actors, artists and entertainers gone bad or replaced,” she says. “You have to have a plan of attack, a strong foundation, amongst other things because there are new models and actors coming out everyday.”

Where She’s Heading: How does Mickles dress to kill? “I like Mac makeup, usually just lip glosses and mascarra, when I wear it,” she says. “I love lotions from Victoria Secret, Amber Rose and Sugar/Vanilla lotion, and cocoa butter by Hollywood Beauty.  I love Sicily Perfume by Dolce & Gabanna and Angel.  I love high heels and boots. I rarely wear tenny shoes or flats. I typically dress business casual on a regular day or jeans, pumps, nice belt and accessories with a T-shirt or blouse.  I mix my expensive pieces with my cheaper ones.  I like creating my own style and look--that is comfortable for me.  Style is 360 degrees anyway.”

Mickles’ upcoming projects in 2007 include a feature in Black Mens Magazine as well as other calendar, music, and acting projects.

Mickles’ Words Of Wisdom:
  "Don't let anybody tell you that you cannot be something that you want to be. If they do and it is really deep in your heart to do it, try even harder."
Mickles’ Secrets To Success: “Everybody has their own definition of what success is to them. My definition of success is being happy with who you are and where you are in your life and being able to buy whatever you want when you want it.  I am still pursuing my success.”
Mickles’ Favorite Movies: "Waiting to Exhale, Menace to Society, and Dead Presidents."
Mickles’ Favorite Books:  “The King James Bible, Coldest Winter Ever, and Millionaire Real Estate Mentor.”
The First Three Things Mickles Would Do As U.S. President: “I would build housing communities and sources of income for homeless and poverty-stricken communities in every city and state across; I would not allow employees to discriminate against convicted felons; and I would increase the minimum wage to equal the price of living for each city and state.

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