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“My working experience at ABC turned out to be extremely valuable,� Nisean says.

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Where She’s From: Nisean Lorde’s father was from Barbados and her mother from Guyana. Both moved to Montreal, Canada to attend university, where they met.

Nisean was born in Sudbury, Ontario, but was raised in Canada's capital, Ottawa. “After I completed high school I moved to Toronto to attend University,” she tells The Black Star News. “The most important thing I have learned from my parents is to always follow my dreams, no matter what sort of adversity faces me. My mom has also taught me to seek God every day – advice which has proven to be valuable in my life time and time again.”

Nisean went to university in Toronto and received a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism in 2005. Last year she moved to New York City to intern as a production assistant at ABC Television. “My working experience at ABC turned out to be extremely valuable,” she says. “I acquired important television production skills I was able to take with me to future job positions. Since then I have had contract positions at a few Canadian television stations, and I currently work at a sports TV station in Toronto.”

“I have been freelance modeling over the past few years, but I have decided to get more involved in the industry in the past six months. Currently I am shopping around for an agency. As a model, I appeared in Wedding Bells Magazine in an ad modeling wedding apparel. I have also appeared as a lingerie and underwear model for an online catalogue, and have modeled in many fashion shows in the Toronto area.”

“I still feel I have a long way to go in my television journalism career as well as my modeling career,” he adds. “I can never reach a point where I feel I can say 'Well, that is it, I have made it.' I don't like stagnancy - I will always want to go further and accomplish more goals.”

“Eventually I want to create documentaries and short television features that have socio-economic influences driving them,” she continues. “I would especially like to highlight issues that affect the Black community and profile Black individuals and African-Americans in a positive light. Almost every time you turn on the TV, if you see an African-American, he or she is almost always portrayed in a negative portrait. I would like my documentaries to portray us as who we are: A beautiful, smart, intelligent people with goals and aspirations.”

Where She's At:  “As for modeling, I plan to continue to model until I become very successful in the industry. I enjoy posing for pictures, and I absolutely love the camera! Eventually I would like to organize projects, fashion shows, calendars, to help other Black women get more work in the modeling world,” she adds.

“As it stands right now if you look in a major magazine and see that 98 percent of the models are Caucasian, there are many sisters wondering 'Well, where do I fit in?' Although there are more Black models breaking into the business, a major challenge that I and many other Black models have to conquer is show that we are just as beautiful and talented as models of any other race,” Nisean explains. “I conquer negative stereotypes and negativity in general by putting my trust, hopes and dreams in God's hands each day.”

Nisean has enjoyed many accomplishments already: She’s worked or interned at ABC Television; CBC Television; Currently work for Sports TV station in Toronto; Created, produced, wrote and edited a radio documentary on Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.  It aired on two Toronto radio stations, CIUT FM and CKLN FM, and one American radio station, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio. 

“It was exciting to meet Rubin Carter and create this documentary,” she says. “The documentary shows how Rubin is still fighting for the rights of those who are wrongfully convicted in North America. The feature not only delves into Mr. Carter's personal life, it reveals the downward struggle many people, specifically young black men, face in North America's criminal justice system.”

He modeling credits include: Wedding Bells Magazine – Appeared in print ad modeling wedding apparel; Sears Fashion Show - Runway model; Soft Undies catalogue - Lingerie/underwear model; Fresh Fashion Spring/Summer '08 Fashion Show - Runway model; Hibebe Designs Fashion Show - Runway model; Mark's Work Wearhouse - Runway model, modeled clothes for new ScrubLovers clothing line; and, Grown and Sexy One year anniversary party - Bikini/swimsuit model in Adjua Swimwear Fashion show.

“Beauty is fleeting – it will only take you so far,” Nisean adds. “There are many beautiful women, but with neither book smarts nor street smarts – their looks only get them so far in life. But a woman with brains and beauty is a deadly combination. She can be a supermodel and start her own product line. She can be a television journalist and have enough intelligence and confidence to start her own production company.”

So how does this journalist and model prepare to step out?

“I love Yves Rocher. I always buy their creams and moisturizers,” she says. “They have a wonderful line of products for women of every age. My skin feels so smooth after using their creams. My favorite clothing lines include: House of Dereon, Baby Phat, La Senza, Victoria's Secret and FUBU. Oh, and I am addicted to MAC makeup. They have foundation shades for women of every color.”

Nisean’s Words Of Wisdom/Secrets of Success: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will make your paths straight. I trust in God every day, even when things don't look too good, I know God will sort it out. He is my secret to success.”
Nisean’s Favorite Three Movies: “When We Were Kings, the  documentary on Muhammad Ali, The Brave One, and Before Sunrise.”
Nisean’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible, The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden—I also love any book by Black fiction author Kimberla Lawson Roby.”

Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Nisean: “My mom, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali – each have survived and thrived in the face of adversity.”
The First Thing Nisean Would Do As President: “Pour millions of dollars into scholarships and grants for low-income students.”
Nisean’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Jill Scott, Mary J Blige, Kanye West, U2 and Seal.”
Nisean’s Favorite Websites: ,, http:/
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