Saroya: Pride Of Bronx

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Saroya: “I love the fashion industry, which is why modeling is perfect. It allows me to be ultra creative.�

Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Saroya Norris, a Leo, was born in the Bronx, but moved frequently between the Bronx and Manhattan. “It was difficult because I never stayed in any school more than two years,� she tells The Black Star News.

“But, it was always to move on to something better—a better neighborhood, bigger house. My mom is all about upgrading to the next level.�

Norris attends the Fashion Institute of Technology and plans to finish this fall. “I love anything having to do with fashion and entertainment,� she says. “I’ve always wanted to become a model but never thought of pursuing it until I was an assistant stylist, and I thought ‘hey, I would rock that.’ I love the fashion industry, which is why modeling is perfect. It allows me to be ultra creative. On the entertainment side modeling allows me to become whichever character is required of me that day. I feel it is similar to acting, which I have an interest in as well.�

A photographer once said Norris had a split personality, which she says is a compliment. “When he met me I was shy and innocent but in front of the camera I transformed into something wicked,� she says, recalling the photographer’s words. “My passion for modeling and entertainment runs deep.�

Where She’s At:
“I feel I am just getting my foot in the door and there’s lots more work to be done. I am looking forward to it, sky’s the limit,� she adds.

Norris eventually wants to host an entertainment show like Entertainment Tonight, BET Black Carpet, or What Not To Wear. “Even an anchor for the trends fashion or entertainment portion of the news,� Norris says. “I love modeling but I am more than just a pretty face in a picture. I have personality for days along with a hunger and burning desire to work hard and accomplish all my goals and beyond, which for me is an explosive combination.�

“Working full time and modeling is definitely a challenge,� Norris concedes. “Then when school begins this fall I can only imagine; but I love what I both in my full time job doing public relations work for fine jewelry and I adore modeling. I work from 9 to 5 and then might have a photo shoot until 3 in the morning or might have to network at an event. There are days when I fall asleep standing up but I love it, so it is absolutely worth it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.�

Norris endures by eating healthy and reserving at least one day to herself for relaxation; to pamper, reflect, and regroup. “It is so important to love what you do. It keeps you happy and I think that is the key; find what you love and go at it 100 percent and everything else will fall into place,� she says. “Being able to live my dream is my biggest accomplishment.�

“I think when your beautiful people don’t expect you to be smart and when you’re very intelligent they seem quite taken aback; like it’s such a rare occurrence,� Norris says, on why it’s important to combine looks with brains. “It’s quite an ignorant way of thinking. Especially being a model, you’re expected to be seen and not heard. So when you open your mouth and something articulate comes out, their jaws usually drop. I love it. Why not shock them. Also beauty is only temporary knowledge is forever, having something to fall back on is smart, and wise it’s a feeling of empowerment. Looks can get you far I can’t lie but intelligent will take you far and beyond.  Combining beauty and brainpower, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.�

So how does this beautiful young lady prepare to step out? “Mac Bronzer in refined bronze-gives you that summer glow all year around, just the right amount of color and shimmer even for work not over the top,� she says. “For night, add two extra coats and you’re ready for South beach with JLO. I love to be bronzed lying on the beach is one of my favorite things to do and bronzer is the finishing touch. Mac plush glass lip gloss- this is a new edition to the Mac line. It has a type of minty ingredient that plumps your lips; I adore big juicy pouty lips. Adds high shine moisturizing and just a hint of color.
Mascara; no type in particular. I love trying new ones; I think it's an obsession."
She continues: "I have very tangled eyelashes so I am always looking for a product that can untangle, lengthen, thicken and make the most of what I have—give that lush false lash in a tube look. Right now I in my makeup bag I have Dior Show by Christian Dior in Blackout. I like it, a top choice with minor flaws; the brush is too large and it dries out rather quickly. I will add beauty editor to my list of goals. Babyphat clothing; love Kimora, love what she stands for and her lifestyle. She is all about fabulosity and living life to the fullest. Her clothing fits my body well as well as my personality. It’s unabashed glitz. If I have an event, I always know I can run to a BabyPhat store and find something."

"That is the epitome of glamorous," she adds. "The collection is all about glam for day, evening, night, and all occasions in between. I love perfume I have a variety of different fragrances and I choose them when I get dressed depending on my mood and outfit. My favorite right now is Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior. The inspiration for Miss Dior Chérie came from the Stevie Wonder song My Cherie Amour and in a Dior dress of the 1940s called Chérie and has notes of mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli.�

Norris’ Words Of Wisdom:
“Be the best you, you can be and make you happy. Do whatever you need to do to make you happy. I love to make people happy and feel good about themselves; I find the most happiness in helping people.  Be amazing, be wonderful, and be impossible. Be your biggest fan, if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. Hold your head up high even on your worst days; never let them see you down. Leave your house everyday like paparazzi are waiting for you.�
Norris’ Secrets Of Success: “Experience everything, hold on to nothing, become the world. Not my personal quote but it should be, they are words I live by.�
Norris’ Favorite Three Movies: “Valley of the dolls; Imitation of life; and, The Devils Advocate.�
Norris’ Favorite Three Books: “The Five People You Meet In Heaven; The Dirty Girls Social Club; and, The Divinci Code.�
The First Three Norris Would Do As President: “Fix the economy; find an alternative to war; and bring the troops home.�
Norris’ Favorite Cars: “White Range Rover; I love the unique shape—it’s big and tough it reminds me that it could eat other cars. Bentley Phantom—it’s so sexy I’m speechless. Lamborghini Murcielago in red; every girl needs a fast red car. Also, I love stick shift, I feel powerful and in control. It’s just an amazing car.�

Norris Five Favorite Musicians: “Marc Anthony-Tu Amor Me Hace Bien; Celia Cruz; any and every song she has ever made. She has so much soul; Cam’ Ron- Dipset Anthem; Foxy Brown-Gotta get you home; and, Alicia Keys-Diary.�

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