Shawn Richardz, Born To Win

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I have a radical rule that would become a law in the US—
women who have no formal training or education can't have children. This country goes deeper into debt with uneducated mothers who can't put a sentence together and have four kids with different men.

Where She's From: Beautiful Shawn Richardz was born in the Bronx, and tells The Black Star News, “New York City gave me a PhD. on life by the age of 12.�

“Being raised without a mom and having grandparents and a young dad raise me, I’m blessed with a strong sense of self, minus the daddy issues. The male figures in my life were amazing—that includes my uncles and cousins, so I feel I have a lot of male intellect most females don't,� she continues.

She was raised primarily by her amazing grandparents who taught her that honesty, individuality, and respect are most important in the Richardz's household. “I was also told to always be vocal on her opinions and beliefs,� she adds.

Shawn attended various public schools in the Bronx, and was fortunate that they all had and amazing music, sports, fashion and art programs. “One summer I had a taste for more, I attended the famous HB Studios for acting and that confirmed my decision. I was way beyond her years,� she says.

"Perseverance bring great good fortune,� she says. “My great good fortune is around the corner.
I’m ready for my contractual role on primetime television, I want a schedule and I want my mind to develop a character from scratch for the viewers and see it through the plateaus of development.�

Shawn’s goal is also to become spokes model of a product. “I have been approached but, the product has to be right,� she says.

Where She’s At:
“Doing theater in New York was the best training for this journey and coming to LA doing the cult theatre classic Pieces Of Ass, gave me more exposure and legitimized me to the masses,� Shawn explains. “I have done several national commercials, beer campaigns, guest-stars on TV, but theater is indescribable. One other thing I love is when you Google me everything from reviews to red carpet pictures come up. It reminds me that hard work brings accomplishments.�

When Shawn steps out, the world can’t miss her. “I wear anything from modern Fendi, Dolce Gabbana, to vintage,� she tells The Black Star News. “I’m Shawn Richardz so you might see me on the red carpet with my designer Melanie's creation or an outfit from my late grandmother's closet, you never know. Believe it or not, I wear Banana Boat SP50 sun block everyday—yes everyday.

I use Palmers cocoa butter and Bare Minerals makeup love it. I love Aveda, MIXED Chicks leave-in conditioner, and Sexy Hair products. I wear Aveda's perfume, it is a custom blend.�

Shawn’s Words Of Wisdom are: "Time is the most valuable element of life you have, you can never get it back so don't waste it."
Shawn’s Secrets To Success: “Passion, visualization, and commitment go along way.�
Shawn’s Three Favorite Movies:  “Any Given Sunday, Marty, with Ernest Borgnine, and Requiem Of A Dream with Ellen Burstyn and Jennifer Connelly.
Shawn’s Favorite Three Books: “Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity, Who Moved my Cheese,
Rich Dad Poor Dad.�

The First Three Things Shawn Would Do As President: “I would fire the entire present cabinet,
make sure each school teacher has some education in the arts and reinstate a law that funds the public schools with amazing sports facilities, music education and art tools and make that a mandatory part of the curriculum. I have a radical  rule that would become a law in the US—women who have no formal training or education can't have children. This country goes deeper into debt with uneducated mothers who can't put a sentence together and have four kids with different men. There needs to be a mandatory ethics class for people who want to start a family.�
At The End Of Her Career, Words That Best Describe Shawn: “Everything that was anything was accomplished by the little girl who lived in the gingerbread house with her grandparents.�

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