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Our young Black girls can be the best and all God created them to be, but they need the proper encouragement and they need to see the truth about who they really are. And the truth is we are Queens. Black women come from a lineage of strong African Warrior Queens


Where She’s From: Shontiniqua G’nea, a.k.a. G’nea, whose zodiac sign is Cancer, was born in Chicago, Ill. When she was three years old the family moved to Columbus, Georgia, and when she was five, relocated to Longview Texas.

Shontiniqua attended Primary, Elementary, Middle School and High School in Longview. “The most important thing I learned from my loving and supporting parents is that you should believe in yourself and have unshakeable faith in God no matter what the circumstances may appear to be,� she tells The Black Star News.

“My mom used to read a scripture to me out of the Bible states; do not despise humble beginnings,� she continues. “She told me that meant just because I grew up in a small town I should not hate that fact. I use to think just because I was in little Longview that I could not be much of a star, because I thought no one who is anyone comes from Longview. It was small. My mom always believed in me. In high school I had a lot of problems with other Black girls, they didn’t like me and I could not understand, but my mom understood completely and she encouraged me to just work harder. I was focused in high school. I was the best dancer on my drill team and I was the only Black lieutenant and that stood out. My mom would let me know that I stood out and I was a leader not a follower.�

“I was very involved in extracurricular activities in growing up,� Shontiniqua
Adds. Indeed she was active!

“In middle school I was in the choir and I was also a writer for the school newspaper. I would write monthly articles for the publication. I also received an award for journalism. In Middle School I was a member of the track team. I received medals in hurdles and long distance running. I was also a member of the basketball and volleyball teams. In High School I joined the Drill Team known as the Longview Viewettes. My sophomore year I was a line member my junior year I was the only black lieutenant. I returned my senior year as a lieutenant. I was also an active student counsel member and a member of the debate team. I also competed in solo dance competitions. In the middle of my senior year I relocated to Whitehouse, TX outside of Tyler. I graduated High School from Whitehouse High School.�

Shontiniqua continued her education at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, TX. She later graduated from The Center for Advanced Legal Studies in Houston TX.

“My career in the entertainment industry was officially launched when I went to New York and met with John and Marcus Blassingame and was soon featured on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine Summer 2003 and shortly thereafter, ‘America’s Sexiest College Girls.’ I was then introduced to the world and voted as a favorite,� she adds.

Where She’s At: “I consider my career in the stage of take off,� she continues. “Meaning, I am now going in the direction of what I want and desire for my life. I am not just pursuing a career I am living out my purpose.�

“The challenges that I have I faced in my life have been mainly from insecure women and men who seek to exploit women,� she continues. “I have overcome those challenges by keeping myself protected and by making the proper choices for my company, and developing my own businesses. I make all of my choices by consulting proper counsel. I have learned to trust my instincts and keep a close eye on everyone and their intentions. I have come to enjoy the company of myself. I am my best friend and if something or someone doesn’t make me feel like the respectable Queen I am, then they have to live a life without me in it and they have to do business with me the same way.�

Shontiniqua’s accomplishments include: being featured on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine; being crowned Fashion Rock’s Top promotional Model; being the face of the diet pill diet pill formulated for African Americans; being on billboards in Houston, TX; and, having a role in Mike Jones’ movie ‘The American Dream’ that turned out to be a big part of the movie and was used in the movie trailer.

Where She’s Heading:
“I see my career going in the direction of me being a living legend and an icon� Shontiniqua adds. “I see myself making a change in the minds of our young Black girls. I aspire to overwhelm them with love and encouragement because I believe the image of the Black woman is attacked and downgraded in the media, and they are planting seeds of corruption in our young Black girls who will someday be mothers, teachers, lawyers and doctors. Our young Black girls can be the best and all God created them to be, but they need the proper encouragement and they need to see the truth about who they really are. And the truth is we are Queens. Black women come from a lineage of strong African Warrior Queens.�

Shontiniqua just finished hosting her own reality show called ‘Show Me Whatu Got’, and awaits the release of her new magazine Ancient Queen. “I have my own clothing Boutique where I specialize in making custom form fitting dresses for all occasions,� she continues. “The accomplishment I am most proud of is graduating from The Center for advanced Legal Studies; I am an independent contracted Paralegal. I love the law.�

“It is very important to combine brainpower and beauty. One with out the other is like having and earth with no water—you can’t grow if there was no water on earth and everything would die. Beauty and no brains are grounds for destruction.�

So how does Shontiniqua prepare to step out? “When it comes to brands of clothing I wear - I wear my own clothing from my sexy and sophisticated line because that is all I am,� she says. “When it comes to lotions, I love cocoa butter because it smoothes my skin. The perfume that I wear is a secret and only I can know what brings all the boys to the yard,� she laughs. “The makeup that I wear the most frequently is Bobbie Brown. Her line has great yellow tones. I would like my own makeup line one day because I feel that the makeup out there right now really doesn’t cater to Black women.�

Shontiniqua’s Words Of Wisdom:
“As a man thinks he is…that he is.�

Shontiniqua’s Secrets Of Success: “Line your life up with what your heart, mind, and will wants and there you will find your secrets of success.�
Shontiniqua’s Three Favorite Movies: “Coming to America, Marie Antoinette, The Golden Child.�

Shontiniqua’s Three Favorite Books: “Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree, Why Men love Bitches by Sherry Argov, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.�

Leaders That Have Inspired Shontiniqua: “Madame CJ Walker, Oprah Winfrey, JayJay Wilson.�

The first Things Shontiniqua Would Do As President: “Enforce equal rights. I would issue a Bill giving all descendants of slaves 20,000 dollars each to start their own businesses.�

Shontiniqua’s Favorite Cars: “Lexus; I have one now. I love the BMW too.�

Shontiniqua’s Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Prince, I love all his albums. My favorite Prince song is ‘Baby I’m a Star’, Gerald Levert—my favorite song is ‘Baby Hold on to me’ and I love TI. I think he has a great presence live and in concert.�

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