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Where She’s From:
Beautiful Shunda, whose Zodiac sign is Taurus, goes by the professional name P.Rowsky. She was born and raised on the coast of Biloxi, MS.

“The most valuable things that I learned from my parents is that there is nothing wrong with hard work,� she tells The Black Star News. “Anything worth having is worth working and fighting for. Plus, anger is defeated by kindness—in most cases.�

Shunda attended Biloxi High School and then went on to attend Oglethorpe University, a small-private liberal arts college in Atlanta, GA where she majored in Communications and Rhetoric Studies. “I launched my acting and modeling career in 2002, after being cast as an extra in The Fighting Temptations,� she continues. “Afterwards, I began taking courses at John Robert Powers to gain professional expertise. My career is still in its developmental stage.�

“It’s one of the easiest industries to get into but one of the hardest to keep up with,� Shunda adds, about the entertainment profession. “I've met people with good intentions and others, I have had to keep my eyes, and everyone else's, open to keep from being taken advantage of.� 

Where She’s At:
“I'm proud of everything that I've done but I had the most fun at Yung Joc's ‘First time’ video shoot,� she continues. “I've done promotional modeling for Biker Business Magazine and Digiorno's Pizza amongst other promotions. In addition to the Fighting Temptations, I've also been an exta in Jim Jones ‘We fly high’ video. I'm also a part-time commercial photographer. I do a little of everything.�

“It’s the new millennium. There's nothing more unattractive than a woman who lacks common sense and moral value and at times, a solid education,� Shunda elaborates. “Having women's right means more than only the right to vote and to make equal wages but the right to grow intellectually and spiritually. Beauty doesn't compensate for intelligence. It may pay off in the beginning but in the end everyone is laughing at you while watching you on Oprah.�

Where She’s Heading:
I'm trying my hand at a few different things. I hope to gain a national campaign for commercial modeling and maybe feature in a few music videos along the way. Eventually, I want to branch out into small roles in film or theater but my main focus is to establish my own monthly publications.�

So how does this brainy model, actress and entrepreneur dress to kill? “I use Armani's Sensi because it’s soft yet compelling like me. MAC makeup because it’s top of the line. My Clothes, whatever looks good. I'll support any designers as long as their clothing makes me look good and feel comfortable.�

Shunda’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Never give up on something or someone because you think that it may be too troublesome. Follow your dreams, your own judgment and your own heart. Otherwise, don't get mad when someone else is living your dream while you're on the outside looking in.�
Shunda’s Secrets Of Success: “I have a creative niche so I always have a plan!!! When one door closes, I keep moving. Working hard and over compensating in determination.�
Shunda’s Favorite Three Movies: “Set it Off, Dead Presidents, and The Notebook.�
Shunda’s Three Favorite Books: “Eric Jerome Dickey's Cheaters and Friends & Lovers; and Zane's Afterburn.�
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Shunda: “Martin Luther King, Jr; Nelson Mandela; and
Malcolm X.�
First Three Things Shunda Would Do As President: “I would make healthcare free—if Europe can do it, why can't we? Lower gasoline prices. It’s a shame when the probability of winning the lottery is more successful than finding a reasonable gas price. Lastly, I would bring the troops home from Iraq. What are they fighting for again?�
Shunda’s Favorite Cars: “BMW 745 LI—it’s gorgeous plus we have something in common! The Lexus SC-430...I've always had a soft spot for the company. Infiniti—it’s what I drive!!�

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