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Marlo Hampton

Meet Miss Marlo Hampton, a simple girl from Clearwater, Florida, who grew up in the projects.  Sans her mom and dad, or any sense of real family, most of her childhood was spent bouncing around in foster care.  As a result, she would face many obstacles in her path.  But Instead of using her harsh upbringing as an excuse to fail, she used the pain to catapult her into a position where she could create her own opportunities.

She worked at the "Red Carpet Boutique" in Atlanta where she was discovered by a recruiter for Bravo's "Housewives of Atlanta".  She quickly became one of the show's most popular cast members.  She describes it as a great experience that taught her not to be ashamed of her past and move on from the hurts she endured.  "I used to be so hurt when my past was brought up, now I'm fine with it.  Like girl, that was 10 years ago!  I just want women to spend more time supporting each other instead of tearing each other down."  No longer a cast member of HWATL, she is ready for her life's next chapter.  These days Marlo's focus is building her brand and staying positive.  She is thankful to GOD for her success and proves it by being a blessing others along the journey.

Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially important to her, since they are the hardest when growing up in dire straights.  This inspired her to create "SIMPLY GIVING".  A program she created to ensure that others don't spend Thanksgiving hungry.  Each year, for the last four years, she donates complimentary holiday meals to several underpriveleged families of Atlanta.  Marlo personally calls each family and wishes them a happy holiday, then overnights them a gift card to Publix grocery store where they can purchase a full Thanksgiving meal for their family.

What a wonderful gesture!  A prime example of the awesome woman she is.  "Giving to me is like breathing.  It's natural to me.  Growing up in foster care and not having food all of the time was terrible.  I can't sleep good at night knowing others are hungry.  I feel like it's my duty to give back.  I always remind my nieces and nephews to be grateful for all they have and to always offer a helping hand."  SIMPLY GIVING has donated meals to over 100 families since 2010.

And she doesn't stop there...Marlo heads another project, "GLAM IT UP", for female teens 13-17 years old.  Each month she and the girls get together for brunch and a surprise outing, such as the Keri Hilson concert or a WBNA game.  Marlo hasn't forgotten what being a teenager is like when you don't have the latest clothes, a room you can decorate to your taste or a mom to do your hair and take you out to lunch.  She is sensitive to their struggle and wants to do her part to make them smile and show them that life won't always be this way.  "I want my girls to know that if they love themselves and don't let their past define them, they can avoid turmoil and still have a beautiful life.  This is a cruel world so it is very important to have self love."  Spoken from the little girl from the projects inside of her who never thought she'd be a famous personality. 

Her hugely popular blog, "ASK MARLO", allows her fans to ask her questions and receive her advice on a variety of topics.  "I love interacting with my fans!  Many nights I sit up in my bed on my laptop and answer question after question, it's like talking to my girlfriends.  I get asked about all kinds of things, from relationship drama to fashion and hair.  I really enjoy it!"         

Marlo Hampton is for real ladies and gentleman.  Don't chalk her up to be another shallow character from Reality TV.  She is more than her closet full of Louboutins and Chanel wear.  She is a perfect example of what we can accomplish when we let go of our past and chase our dreams.  In the near future we can expect her to continue working on her projects "SIMPLY GIVING" and "GLAM IT UP", while embarking on new endeavors involving her love for fashion and compassion for children.  We salute her giving nature and wish her nothing but the best!






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