Sophia, Lovely Navy Brat

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Sophia: “Never take anything for granted because just as easily as you attained it, you can lose it, when you are not even expecting it.�


Where She's From: Lovely Virgo, Sophia S. Owens say’s she’s a Navy brat who was raised up and down the east coast. She was born in New Hampshire but has lived in Charleston, S. Carolina; Miami and Jacksonville, Florida; Kingsland, Georgia and Arlington, Texas.

“I consider Kingsland, Georgia the place I grew up though. Something I’ve learned from my family growing up is that no matter how far we may be from each other we still should be there for each other no matter what, that’s what keeps us close,� she tells The Black Star News.

Sophia attended the University of North Florida for two and a half semesters and was part of the Peer Theatre Performing Arts Group and the African American Student Union. “I plan on going back to school at Edward Waters College in the summer,� she adds.

This young lovely started modeling while she was in college with her best friend Ashley Fortune. “She was the one that introduced me into it seriously, I stopped when I moved back home to Georgia, but when I moved back to Jacksonville in August she pushed me back into it,� she laughs. “Since, then I am currently a Ruff Ryder Model with the Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club of Jacksonville, Florida and I do promotional work with the G.L.A.M.O.R. Girls of DIME ENT.�


Sophia, who has only been modeling seriously since last August, has big plans in the coming months. “I see me being a well known fashion model within two years at least, because that is how much I plan on pushing myself for this,� she says.

Some challenges Sophia has overcome is shyness, and the loss of almost all her possessions many months ago. “When I was younger you couldn’t have paid me to step in front of a camera in some of the clothes I’ve been in and talk to people I don’t know but I think working with the Peer Theatre Group in college, modeling and promoting has helped me overcome that fear,� she explains.

“Few people know that when I came back from Georgia to Jacksonville in August that I lost everything that I owned, from carelessness on my part and that I am starting over from a few items of clothing, a computer, and a stereo system. That experience of losing everything and starting over basically from scratch was heartbreaking and made me realize that I shouldn’t take everything for granted.�

Even in the short time she’s been in the industry, Sophia already has some advice for aspiring models, not to rely on looks alone. “It is important to know what you are dealing with in everything to do with the business aspects, as in contracts you may sign and what your rights are as a model--so, that no one will look at you thinking ‘Oh she’s just a model, she doesn’t know anything.’�


How does Sophia prepare to step out? “I like everything from Hurley to Baby Phat to a T-shirt company called I actually just like my shirts to be varied and different like me; most of them say something or have something crazy on them because I like to express my individuality even if its just on my shirt. My jeans I usually just stick to Hydraulic, Dept of Peace, and anything that will fit. Because of my shape not everything fits right. I don’t try to use a lot of different products on my skin because it is sensitive and breaks out easily so for my everyday products like soap and lotion I get them from an all natural company called Melaleuca, and my makeup that I use for own personal use is Nicole Miller also from Melaleuca because I see that it doesn’t break my skin out.�


Sophia’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never take anything for granted because just as easily as you attained it, you can lose it, when you are not even expecting it.�

Sophia’s Secrets Of Success: “Enjoy or love what you do and it will be profitable and work for you.�

Sophia’s Three All Time Favorite Movies: “Love Jones, You’ve Got Mail, and Shrek.�

Sophia’s Three Favorite Books: “Flyy Girl, by Omar Tyree, Big Girls Don’t Cry by Connie Briscoe and The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.�

The First Three Things Sophia Would Do As President: “Have a big party, lol--seriously though, end the war on terror because I don’t see its point anymore than I saw it three years ago. Make Health Care free, and raise minimum wage because it’s ridiculously low for anyone trying to start a life.�

Sophia’s Favorite Cars: “Ford F350 because I want to see the look on peoples faces when they see lil ole me come out that monster, 99 Honda Accord LE because it was my dream car in High School, and a 1980-something Pinto because I love classics.�



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