The "Real" Alicia Keys

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"And tell the singer, Alicia Keys, that she owes me money,� says Alicia Keys the model.

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Where She’s From:
Alicia Keys, a Scorpio, was born in Albany, Georgia and  raised in Thomasville. The young model currently attends Valencia College and launched her modeling career two months ago.

In her short time she has already dealt with many challenges and credits the solid foundation from her parents and her grandfather, Brady Keys, the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers star of the 1960s and 70s and Pro Bowler who later went on to found a successful fast food franchise.

“My mom passed away not too long ago and my sisters and I were split up. That has really been the hardest thing to deal with,” Alicia tells The Black Star New. Still, she adds, she knows her mother would be proud to see that she is determined to fulfill her destiny.

“I want everybody to call me and show me love and book me for jobs,” she says, with a laugh. “Don't worry about the other models they'll get their time. And tell the singer, Alicia Keys, that she owes me money.”

Where She’s At: She is already offering several offers having completed recent photo shoots. Still, Alicia says she hopes to emulate some of granddad Brady’s business savvy and not just rely on her looks. “People put beauty in a box and tell you to ‘sit there and be cute.’ I want beautiful young ladies to have a voice and determine their own destiny—control their business; not just be the toys to all the men.”

Alicia’s Words Of Wisdom: “Stand for something or else you’ll fall for anything.”
Alicia’s Secrets Of Success: “Listening to my dad and watching my grandfather Brady Keys.”
Alicia’s Favorite Three Movies: “White Chicks, Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix.”
Alicia’s Favorite Three Books: “Lord Of The Rings, Just Us Ladies, and Patties Pearls.”
The First Three Things Alicia Would Do As President: “Give $100 to every person over 17 years old; bring home the troops and let Iraqis fight for themselves, then take a vacation.”
Alicia’s Favorite Cars: “ Acuras.”
Alicia’s Favorite Entertainers: “India, Musiq Soulchild.”


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