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Trinity: “I am currently working on my first novel which explores the ripple effect of HIV/AIDS, a guaranteed must read.�

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Where She’s From: “The story of my birth place is a funny one,� Trinity Jas tells The Black Star News, with a laugh. “My mother and grandmother were shopping in Mexico when I decided I was done cooking. My mother, and you have to hear here tell the story, says, ‘I aint havin’ my baby in Mexico!’ They rush back across the border and because of that, I was born in a military hospital in El Paso, Texas.�

Trinity’s father was in the Army so she had the privilege of traveling around the world. “I was raised a little bit of everywhere, experienced a lot of different cultures, and have a lot of different influences,� she adds. “I come from a family of mostly women, and I am influenced by that. I come from strong women who have achieved great things. My mother’s mom has her own charter school; my father’s mom was the first Black nurse in Colorado. If that isn’t achieving great things, I don’t know what is.�

Where She’s At: Beautiful Trinity is currently studying at the University of Phoenix, and plans to graduate next year with a Business Management degree. “I value education, and education is a part of my career so I seek out knowledge every chance I get,� she explains. “I am a teacher first, and I use my online talk show Word Is On The Street or WIOTS to educate and teach about community issues as well as promote communal growth. I express the beauty of a woman’s body through modeling. I am a promoter and I host events in the Phoenix Area. I am currently working on my first novel which explores the ripple effect of HIV/AIDS, a guaranteed must read.�

Where She’s Heading: “I see family history, I see Black history, I see women’s history, I see American history, and I see world history,� Trinity says, of her worldly aspirations. “I see branding opportunities, and generational wealth. I see a revolution that is about to explode in the community and I see Trinity Jas right in the middle with my fist held high. My aspirations expand far beyond the entertainment industry, but it is a vital cog in this machine my team is building. I aspire to change lives, motivate growth, and bring about a positive change—Knowledge is power and I was born with a big forehead.�

“Road blocks may be signs from God that where you’re headed you don’t need to be,� Trinity says, when asked how she deals with some of life’s challenges. “Road blocks could be haters who want to make you fight even harder for what’s yours. Learn from it and take heed to what the road block is teaching you about you and life.� The young lady wants to share some of her ideas through her website and

“Beauty has nothing to do with physical attributes,� Trinity stresses, when asked about the importance of mind and body. “Beauty radiates from within, so everyone has potential to be beautiful. The importance of having both is the confidence in self that a beautiful person gives out and then the knowledge they express with brains.�

Trinity’s Words Of Wisdom: “Know yourself, love yourself, be one with yourself. Once you get you under control then you can go out and conquer the world.�
Trinity’s Secrets Of Success: “Constantly growing and learning, and knowing what I was put here to do. I believe we will all reach our true success once we fall into God’s plan.�  
Trinity’s Favorite Three Movies: “Forest Gump, What’s Love Got To Do with It, and Paid In Full.�
Trinity’s Favorite Three Books: “The Entire Harry Potter Series, The Coldest Winter Ever, and True To The Game.�
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Trinity: “First and foremost Coretta Scott King, a strong Black woman who was a force within herself but played her position as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s backbone. We all know without a back bone we can’t function. Every great man should have a woman of greatness by his side supporting him and encouraging him to do great things. Dr. Juanita Bynum, or as I call her Juanita Spit Fire Bynum. Juanita is so powerful she singes off eyebrows from the pulpit. She speaks the truth whether you want to hear it or not. Harriet Tubman escaped to freedom, but thought little of herself and went back and delivered a reported 300 slaves into freedom and when the slaves didn’t want to go on, Harry coxed them along with the barrel of a shotgun. Harriet taught me selflessness, fearlessness and the value in giving back.�
First Three Things Trinity Would Do As President: “Get a bullet proof wardrobe constructed because the bigots of America would have a field day at playing target practice with the first Black female President; go into all the ghettos and knock them down and restore the sense of community in the Black neighborhoods and teach my people that we are not the inferior ones; and reconstruct the prison systems. They are modern day plantations and concentration camps. These ridiculous prison sentences’ for crimes a young Black male is most likely to commit is just another way to wipe out the Black race. Taking the Black male out of the equation equals no more Black babies allowing us to extinct ourselves through our own ignorance.�
Trinity’s Favorite Cars: “I am in love with the BMW 745i because it is sexy. I saw a Mustang the other day that made me want to just sit in the passenger seat for a while and feel it vibrate. Year after year the Lincoln Navigator falls off my radar then back on, so it is a must pocket when the time comes.�
Trinity’s Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Well we all know Beyonce is on her way to Icon status. I love the direction she is going in. She is a real woman and you can hear it all over her last album, B Day. I love R. Kelly; he is truly blessed with a talent. A few hang ups, but a talented brotha none the less. Neyo is an up-and-coming that is mean on the lyrics. That brotha is super talented. I like Will Smith because he has stayed true to his image from his introduction and it has proven to be a lucrative decision for him. Swagger and class, he is Black Hollywood at its best. Angelina Jolie is cool peoples to me right now. She is the modern day Josephine Baker with her Rainbow Tribe. She is a celebrity that is using her status and influence to make changes in the world. I love that.�
A Short Trinity Story Or Dangers Of “A�-sex: “‘A’-sex can be a very pleasant experience if both parties are in agreement, and both are aware that it is about to go down. I feel it is important to bring this situation to light because of an injustice all women will have to endure at some point in their sexual history. Yes, a yeast infection. Now without grossing my male reader out, I will not describe the inferno a yeast infection can cause a woman. For the fun of it, I say wrap your mind around this image: The devastation of which a woman experiences could be loosely compared to Whitney Houston's bathroom during and after one of her infamous crack binges. There are several causes of a yeast infection, and if you are truly interested in them go online and search key word: yeast infection. Message to men: By trying A-sex, only to be beckoned back into the V, you are putting your partner at risk for a yeast infection. This is why women are instructed to wipe to the back, instead of forward. The mixing of A and V bodily secretions causes a situation no woman should ever have to endure. Men, do us women a favor and unless we invite you in, don't try. If we do invite you in, have an extra condom ready to switch out between A and V.�

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