Starter Wives Confidential on TLC

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Tune in and you will see six beautiful and brave women who are focused on building their careers and moving on from past hurts to secure happiness and success for them and their families.


TLC has added some sass to it's line-up this winter with their new reality show, "Starter Wives Confidential"  

It stars the celebrity Exes of Rap Legend-DMX,  DJ & Radio Personality-Funkmaster Flex,  NBA Player-Lamar Odom,  Boxer-Floyd Mayweather JR,  Rapper-Maino and  accused Mobster-Philip Caruso.

In the first episode, set in the heart of New York City, we meet the girls...

The Grand Dame-  Monica Joseph-Taylor, soon-to-be-ex-wife of Funkmaster Flex. "We were like Bonnie and Clyde.  We owned all of our businesses together, 50/50.  The hardest part of this break-up is losing my best friend.  This show is not about me bashing Flex, it's about me having a voice and moving on with my life.  I have a very successful blog, "Mommy's Dirty Little Secret" that keeps me busy and Flex and I are raising our children together.  I want all of us women to learn how to separate ourselves from the negative experiences of the past and use them as stepping stones towards independence."

The Firecracker-  Josie Harris, Ex-Fiancée of Floyd Mayweather JR. "We have a deep connection Floyd and I. A very deep bond.  Nothing will ever break that.  All that cockiness you see, I helped build that up in him. He needed that so he could mentally defeat his opponent before he even got in the ring.  He still calls me for that support."

The Drama Queen- Zakia Baum, Ex-girlfriend of Rapper Maino. "Jermaine and I are no longer friends and it's sad.  I will say though, he is an awesome, awesome dad to our son!"  I feel like he doesn't like the fact that I know him, Jermaine Coleman.  This "Maino" person, I don't acknowledge him. I don't know who that person is.

The Charming- Liza Morales, Ex-girlfriend of NBA Player Lamar Odom.  "I was approached to do reality television before but I turned it down.   This time it just felt right.  I have a great relationship with all of the girls.  We all have that one thing in common and it helps to talk to other women who can relate to what I've been through and what I am going through.  It's been a huge adjustment for me and the kids getting used to this crazy schedule.  My son, Lamar JR, is the vocal one.  He's like, 'Mommy, you missed my basketball game!'  And that's something I've never done.  But I have an amazing support system to help me.  My mom and an incredible babysitter!  I'm excited about starting my career.  I'd love to do another clothing line. I'm passionate about children,  so I want to do something dealing with children."

The Businesswoman- Cheryl Caruso, Ex-wife of accused Mobster Philip Caruso. "I married a beautiful man and lived a great life with our two wonderful daughters and had no idea he was living a whole other life as a mobster.  It is the scariest thing when it all comes crashing down and you go from living a pampered life where everything is taken care of to working two jobs to take care of your family.  I had no one to turn to, no one to support me and no one to help me get on my feet.  I now run my own tequila business and business is good! Please check it out, WWW.TALEROTEQUILA.COM."

And last, but definitely not least: The Rock- Tashera Simmons, soon-to-be-ex-wife of Rap Legend DMX. "Being X's wife and raising four children was a full-time job.  He required a lot of my attention.  I had no idea about all of the cheating until a woman took him to court saying he fathered her child.  He was THAT good!  After that more and more affairs came to light. I couldn't do it anymore. Even after all of the kids and the lies it wasn't easy to leave.  X and I were childhood sweethearts, he was all I knew.  Now it's about me moving on and enjoying life after X. And I feel great!"

In an age where television is overrun with reality shows, specifically those about famous Exes, TLC offers us a different perspective.  Tune in and you will see six beautiful and brave women who are focused on building their careers and moving on from past hurts to secure happiness and success for them and their families.  Six women who aspire to be more than just a celebrity Ex.

"Starter Wives Confidential" on TLC  Tuesday, premiered last month.

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