Straight Out Of Compton Is An Epic Movie

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First I would like to say, Straight out of Compton was an Epic Movie.

Being from the Carson, which is South from Compton, I can say that the reality in the film was almost scary. I myself didn’t grow up in the crack epidemic 80’s of course but I have been harassed by the Police in my teens all the way up until my early twenties.

I have never been arrested and charged thank the lord; but I have been on the ground and in several Police Cars. The Police in my area would take advantage of us because we were young and more than likely we didn’t know the law.

I mean how can someone running a stop sign doing the “California Roll” end up --and his friends-- handcuffed sitting on the curb and his car being searched? I can recall someone pulling out a gun in front of my home on me and I end up in the back of a Police Car.

Some of those scenes in the movie literally almost put me to tears. The injustices and the abuse, which I call bullying by the Police, build a frustration that is unimaginable.

No one likes to feel bullied. N.W.A may be called the World's Most Dangerous Group but I look at it as frustrated young Black Men letting the world know how it is in the inner city.

In those days people would listen to Music to feel good and dance and have a good time. N.W.A came out with “Reality Rap” that shows what us young Black men deal with in our environment. Who wouldn’t say “Fuck the Police” if they were constantly getting harassed for no apparent reason besides the fact that you are a young Black man?

How many people in other societies get phone calls and hear that their loved one who was in perfect health is dead due to senseless violence. This movie is telling the story of how Black Men who are against so many odds make it out. 



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