The Intelligent Hoodlum...Tragedy Khadafi


TRAGEDY KHADAFI is celebrating the 27th anniversary of his ground-breaking single, "ARREST THE PRESIDENT",
released in 1990. He will be releasing a documentary entitled, "INTELLIGENT HOODLUM", the name he went by before
morphing into TRAGEDY KAHDAFI.
TRAGEDY's overtly conscious lyrics offered Hip-Hop fans the chance to learn something and expand their minds while
being entertained. The premise of "ARREST THE PRESIDENT" is that ordinary citizens of America are arrested
and penalized when they break the law and don't comply, so how come the President is exempt from these same laws
and punishments? Needless to say, TRAGEDY was way ahead of his time and quite prophetic.
Twenty-seven years later we can still relate to this song and its message is very relevant to America's current circumstances.
Look for the documentary, "INTELLIGENT HOODLUM", coming soon. It will tell the fascinating story of how a young man from
QueensBridge Projects started a movement that spawned some of your favorite Hip-Hop acts like Mobb Deep and Capone-n-Noreaga.

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