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Lorraine Jones: “Marcus Aurelius said ‘Take on a profession that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’


Where She’s From:
Lorraine Jones was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, as she says “in Southern Africa in the beautiful unforgettable land called Zimbabwe.�

Since birth, she was blessed with the gift of song and music running through her veins.  Her father always said that the first sound she screamed out – was pure music to his ears.

“He was a lead singer in an Afro-jazz band; dashing, tall, black and beautiful and he captured her mother’s heart the very first time she laid eyes on him on stage,� she tells The Black Star News.

Her mother was born in Cape Town, South Africa and her father was from the Democratic Republic of Congo – making Lorraine a true Southern African baby. Lorraine has since lost her mother to pancreatic cancer, and whenever she can she supports cancer research programs and Foundations actively involved in Cancer Research.

“The one thing I value most about my upbringing is my education,� Lorraine adds. “My mother, who never completed high school herself, as a result of a teen-age pregnancy at 16, valued and believed from her own personal experience that a good education was paramount to success. She literally worked day and night in a hospital as a nurse aid so that she could afford to send my sister and I to school. Looking back I realize how I took this incredible gift for granted.  Today millions of African children cannot go to school for the simple reason that their parents cannot afford it.�

In 2004 Lorraine decided to take her hobby and passionate love for music more seriously. “After listening to pop songs that came into the charts, and made it as huge successes, I became convinced that I can probably be equally creative, and also have a song or two that would make it into the worldwide charts,� she recalls. “That one day the name Lorraine Jones, will be as synonymous as Madonna.�

One of Lorraine’s joys in life was meeting a childhood idol, Stevie Wonder. “I had a 20 year secret wish to meet him in person,� she explains. “But it was still a shock to actually meet him face to face. My heart actually stopped beating, fortunately not for long or I wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.�

“I would love to become the next Tina Turner of this millennium,� Lorraine happily confesses, “encouraging and inspiring today’s youth, on environment and political issues, through the power and diversity of music, like Marvin Gaye, did with his classic What’s Going On, which was in fact a reflection of his relationship with his own father, but managed to have a huge political impact at the time of its release. Artists like John Lennon, Black Eye Peas, 2 Pac and Bob Marley whose simple message encased in song have touched millions of lives, and their music will live on forever.�

Lorraine says she deals with the daily challenges “through the power of prayer and meditation.� She adds: “For most people these may seem like two separate activities, but for me they are one – it is only from searching for answers from the Almighty from within you, and from the Universe, that clarity on how to approach a certain obstacle can be reached.�

Where She’s At:
“To date the achievement that gives me most pride is being invited amongst the first artists to be involved and represent The International World Peace Tour www.internationalworldpeacetour.org,� she continues. “This is an organisation which will be the future Live Aid alternative, whose beliefs are intertwined deeply with my own, which is, that World Peace can become a reality if everyone would let love be their guardian Angel. We are creatures born out of love, and love should in fact be our true guide, and not hate.�

“Being in the entertainment industry, I think the media inadvertently portrays you as a role model. Although I don’t disagree with the concept of beauty with brains, I do feel that the media portrays too many false images about beauty,� Lorraine cautions. “True beauty lies within, and is apparent in your sincere interactions with, colleagues, friends, family, loved ones, and individuals that touch or pass through your life. Although it is sometimes difficult, to love one’s self – physically, psychologically, spiritually,  because of the increasing pressure of what beauty should aspire to  look like – even I, am an addict of fashion magazines, and the latest freshest styles and looks – I do try to  encourage women around the world to ‘love you fine selves… in all your glory, because you are already beautiful.’�

Where She’s Heading:
This is one busy lady. She was also involved in the creation of the movie VITUS, which won awards at the Berlin Film Festival in 2006 as “Best foreign film� and was also nominated in Hollywood under the same category this year. The film’s about a boy genius and his adventures with his family.  “My role behind the scenes was much bigger than on screen,� she says. “The whole experience made me realize how deep my passion for movies, and film-making really is. I hope the future will open opportunities for me to combine my musical career with an acting or directing career in either TV or film.�

So how does this fine beauty herself prepare to step out? “This may sound like the strangest fashion recommendation ever but I really do love H&M with a passion,� Lorraine says. “Not only does it bring stylish fresh clothes into both men and women’s wardrobes, but also at a price that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Cosmetic wise I am an addict of Estée Lauder lipstick,  eye shadow and eyeliner. However, I trust L’Oreal completely for producing mascara that looks great and lives to its promises of longer, thicker looking lashes. For facial use I use Clarins skin care range of moisturers and cleaners, because their products are from natural plant extracts. Johnson and Johnson’s baby lotion has been keeping my skin soft and smooth since the day I was born. But I also supplement its care with a product from the Dead Sea called Ahava – it’s Israel’s best kept secret.�

Lorraine’s Words Of Wisdom:
“They are taken from a great sage of the Roman era,  Marcus Aurelius, who said ‘Take on a profession that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ My own words of wisdom—Be as alert as possible and don’t let your dreams which come by in the form of opportunities pass you by.�
Lorraine’s Secrets  Of Success: “Prayer and meditation; dare to dream; and, follow the voice of your heart and not the voice of your mind.�
Lorraine’s Three Favorite Movies: “Love Jones; Blood Diamonds; and Cry Freedom.�
Lorraine’s Favorite Books: “Clarence Davis’ A Chronicle in Black and White, Memoirs of a News  Photographer www.myspace.com/cdavisphotography; Jason Huges’  One Man’s Love Story; and Harry Potter.�
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Lorraine: “Nelson Mandela; Martin Luther King Jr.; and Rosa Parks. If you asked me for a fourth one I would add Oprah.�
The First Things Lorraine Would Do As President Of Zimbabwe: “I would rebuild and strengthen international, diplomatic and economic ties, with regard to restoring, investor confidence, tourism and opening export markets to create employment opportunities for a nation suffering from 80% unemployment. I would also look into insightful ways to commence micro-financing programs to alleviate poverty in villages.�
Lorraine’s Favorite Musicians: “Beyonce, Tina Turner, Tracey Chapman,  Sting and Alanis Morrisette.
Lorraine’s Favorite Sports Leaders: “Serena and Venus Williams, Rodger Federer, Boris Becker, Zinedine Yazid Zidane, Pelé, Thierry Henry, Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Didier Mbenga Ilunga, and Thabo Patrick Sefolosha.
Lorraine’s Favorite Cars: “The VW convertible with its nice 30 mpg engine as well as  convertible from  BMW and Mercedes SLK 500–for their timeless elegance, sleek lines, style and comfort.�

A Lorraine Story:
  My grandfather was born in an African hut in Zimbabwe made from mud and grass. His family were farmers but they had very little income and often they did not have enough to eat.  His dream was to change that cycle of poverty for his family. He wanted to see the world, to travel and explore other countries and cities; an impossible dream for a boy with limited education and close to no money. It was 25 years before he was able to move out of that village and change that cycle of poverty. He took a job in a hotel near his birth village, as a Chef’s assistant in local restaurant kitchen. After many years he himself eventually became a  Chef, catering in a  4 star hotel. He traveled to South Africa to begin a new life. There he met his bride to be, a beautiful green eyed girl from Cape Town.  After a few years they found the restrictions imposed by the Apartheid Regime at the time, too impossible to bear.  With his young family he returned home to the capital where he took up employment in an established well known restaurant. Today my grandfather is 84 years old. He  has been to New York and Atlanta visiting his daughter, my aunt. He's been to London to visit my cousin; he’s visited me in Switzerland, France and Germany, and he’s been to the Netherlands with my sister.  It took more than half a century but another part of his dream came true—he eventually got to travel the world.  Anything is possible.�

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