MALUWA: sounds of change

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What is the true defintion of an artist?  One who possesses superior skill or ability and is engaged in one or more of any broad spectrum of activities related to creating.

I give you Maluwa, a multi-talented musician, singer and grass roots activist whose plan is to make the world a better place through the messages in her music and the lives she touches as she travels the world.

Maluwa grew up in rural Upstate New York and California respectively, where she learned early on to appreciate nature and the simple things in life.  Very well-educated and articulate, she excelled in her studies but was inspired to explore her more creative side by the suffering of the people, especially children.  "The children need a voice.  They give me the strength to speak the truth", says Maluwa.  "We can't continue to run frdom consciousness and let the suffering continue.  We have to face it head on."

Her brand of music is described as an Acoustic Soul/Maluwian-American sound that makes the soul feel at peace.  Her message-filled lyrics flow serenely over intoxicating melodies with unfaltering conviction.  "I'm a rare bird.", she states. "My musical influences range from Nina Simone to classical music, so my music emcompasses a variety of sounds."  Unlike much of todays artists, Maluwa believes that lyrics are just as important as the musical content.  On every track she gives us something to ponder.  This was obvious with the release of her first album in 2005 titled, "Seeds of Change".

On a recent tour, she was so inspired by the people that she composed seven brand new songs to perform for the crowd.  Many were surprised that she wrote her own music.  "This is the time we live in, where much of what we hear on the radio is generic and unoriginal.  I am an artist who isn't afraid to tell the truth through my music. There aren't many artists today who embody social consciousness."  The crowd appreciated her candor and was  very pleased with the new tunes.  She gained new fans from all different cultures that evening.      

Last month she returned from the Global Justice Conference, where she had the honor of performing and linking up with other people who are trying to help heal the world.  "We must live in the now and begin to repair what is broken.  Our ancestors' struggles should influence our 'today'.  We know what's right and this is why we will always play a conscious role in healing our people.  Our spirits will step forward and tell the truth, for there is no death in truth."  Bigger than music, is her desire to reach people and really find a solution to the many issues we are facing in the world today. 

It doesn't stop there.  Maluwa was an actress before she began her musical career and she looks forward to landing more acting jobs in the near future.  "I have so many gifts that God blessed me with and I intend to try them all!" And we will enjoy watching this awesomely-talented young lady fulfill her destiny.  You can catch Maluwa this summer on the bill at Woodstock and on her boat tour of New Orleans and the Mississippi River. 

Her music is available for purchase on Itunes and for download on ReverbNation, and you are welcome to follow this amazing lady on Twitter on @afrocherokee.     


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