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Where She’s From: Germany-raised Lee Maxwell was born in Italy. “That’s where my Latin temperament and fire comes from—and from Germany, that’s where you learn being punctual and reliable,” she laughs.

“My parents moved to Germany due to financial reasons. That’s something that taught me that sometimes in life you’ve got to take big steps and make big sacrifices to get somewhere,” she tells The Black Star News. “Nothing is given to you that easy.”

Although her parents were also musicians, they still saw her as rebellious when she started singing in school.  “I tried out some things like girl groups and stuff but where I grew and found home was at the age of 17, when I met Sauvage, a music group from Barbados,” she says.

Where She’s At:
Maxwell recently shot her first music video in Barbados for the single “Love Is Divine” from Sauvage which will be released by September 2007. “Fingers crossed,” she adds.

“I hope to always be able to give as many concerts for people that love to hear my music and just keep writing music off my soul,” Maxwell says. “You always should remember where you come from and appreciate small successes and the little things that happen for you in life.”

Maxwell believes no one can thrive in their chosen calling without enduring negativity and challenges. “You  know how it is—nobody believes that what you are doing is the right thing for you. And instead of having support, you get people trying to stop you from what you are doing. I’ve had that my whole childhood; and I always did exactly the opposite of what people and family wanted from me. Just pursuing my dream alone and on my own.”

It’s this temperament that led her to become the first non-Black lead singer of Sauvage a Black music group. “I’m a rebel for life,” she says. “Being able to work with Nicholas Maxwell, an amazing music producer, is what I call an accomplishment, considering that for a long time he used to tell artists around him ‘you ain’t ready yet for out there,’” she says. “Since he is recording an album with me now, I think that says everything, right?”

Lee’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Treat people the way you like to be treated…”
Lee’s Secrets Of Success:  “Don’t copy nobody, be yourself! Never look to the sides when you have a goal and never stop trying.”
Lee’s Favorite Movie: “Set It Off.”
Lee’s  Favorite Book: “I love thrillers like The Winner by David Baldacci.”
First Three Things Lee Would Do As President: “I’d love to brainwash all terrorists if I could and stop the war; give all homeless people a home; and, finally get a major record deal for myself.”
Lee’s Favorite Musicians: “Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston have always been inspirations for me when I started singing, but I love Sean Paul and adore innovative and unpredictable artists as Missy Elliot and Andre3000—I think he is crazyyy!”

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