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HALEY SMITH is a fifteen year old singer and songwriter from the Bronx, N.Y.
She began singing as soon as she could talk, and the songwriting followed.
She is inspired by powerful vocalists such as Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys and
aspires to one day belt out a tune like ADELE.
When she was 12, Haley gained the confidence to audition for SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO.
“I never thought I would win. It was so scary seeing other people perform and
some of them get booed off of the stage.” The finicky audience saw through to
Haley’s talent and she won the competition. Since that appearance on SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO,
Haley has been invited to perform in other venues across the city, including BB KINGS.
She recently released a new single, “I Miss My Daddy”. This song hits home for both
Fathers and daughters. Inspired by the trials and tribulations she's seen some of her
friends go through when their parents separate. Although her father is in her life, she felt
the need to write this song for all of her peers who are dealing with this situation.
Haley is a focused, sensitive and creative young lady with a lifetime of songs in her spirit.
She hopes to one day work with Alicia Keys, Jasmin Sullivan and ADELE, who she says she's
the most like as a vocalist. “ADELE puts so much of her emotions into her music and makes
her fans feel what she's feeling.”
Next on Haley’s list are auditions for, “The Voice” and
“America’s Got Talent”. She wants her fans to know that they should never give up on their
dreams even when things seem hard. “Do not to let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do
something!” Following her own advice has earned her a spot on Chas Bronxson’s
“GROUP H.U.G.S. Project” and tour dates this summer to promote her single.
View the video for, “I Miss My Daddy”, on YouTube.

"I Miss My Daddy" YouTube link: https://youtu.be/bj1tZ-ZlxN8

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