Dennis Edwards Brings His Temptations’ Review to the Bronx

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The Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards will appear with the Marvelettes at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

Excited fans will meet classic singers at Lehman Center
for the Performing Arts in the Bronx, on Saturday, April 9th at 8:00
p.m.  Dennis Edwards headlines with his
Temptations’ Review and The Marvelettes; both groups reminding fans of the glory
days of Motown.

Audiences that remember Temptation songs like “Papa Was A
Rolling Stone,” “Cloud Nine” and “My Girl,” and “Too Many Fish In The Sea,” and
“Please Mr. Postman,” by the Marvelettes, will enjoy their favorites LIVE.

Dennis Edwards took the time to chat on,
Rainbow Soul, via my shows, “Topically Yours” and Music Pastures on

“You know the fans always like to hear our hits.  We can’t get away from that.  I am also looking forward to sharing the
stage with our Motown sister group, The Marvelettes.  Listening to some of the songs the
Temptations’ sang, brings back memories. 
For me, it has a different meaning.  Eddie, David, Paul and Melvin are gone now.  Hearing their voices, I sometimes get
emotional” remarked Edwards.  “When I
listen to “Cloud Nine,” I recall our first Grammy.   When I first joined the Temps, I knew I could
sing but I was worrying about learning their dance steps.  I practiced 9 hours a day learning the steps
for 2 straight weeks.  Finally, I
realized it’s basically timing and hard work. 
It’s not all glitter and glam, show biz takes blood and sweat.  To replace someone as great as David Ruffin, I
had to come out with something super,” explained the lead singer.  

It was after listening to Dance to the Music by Sly Stone that the Temptations struck upon
the idea of each Temptation singing a line a piece which introduced something
new to their singing style.  “We took a
chance with “Cloud Nine,” and “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” because the songs were
long.  Back then songs were no longer
than 3 minutes.  After our success with “Cloud
Nine,” we did Psychedelic Shack and Ball of Confusion.  Then we came up with “Papa Was A Rolling
Stone.”  We liked the beat but thought we
wouldn’t get airplay from the disk jockeys due to its length. But it caught on”
recalled the Fairfield, Alabama, born singer.

“I was born in Alabama but we moved to Detroit so my
father could work in the car industry. 
My father was also a minister.  In
fact, my father, Eddie’s father and Paul’s father sang in a gospel group in
Alabama.  I guess that is why we three
grew up to be good singers.  My folks
were sanctified so I wasn’t allowed to play rock ‘n roll in my house.  I had to sneak to hear it.  When I first got with the Temptations, my mom
was very religious and used to tell me I was singing for the devil.  After I started to make money, I brought her
some money but she refused it.  She said
she didn’t want the devil’s money.  It
hurt my feelings but I left the money on the fireplace.  Later, Mama called me and said she hoped God
didn’t mind if she used some of that money because she had to pay some
bills.  We were Ok after that,” chuckled
Dennis who had a hit single with “Don’t Look Any Further.”

In 1984, Dennis left the
Temptations.  “I was good friends with
Teddy Pendergrass.  He left his group and
I was upset about something that happened with Temp management.  Lead singers can be eccentric sometimes.  Because I was upset, I quit the group for a
few months.  During that time, I recorded
the song “Don’t Look Any Further.”  The
song was written by Dennis Lampert, Franne Golde and Duane Hitchings and sung
by Dennis and Siedah Garrett.  It peaked
at #2 on the Billboard Black Singles chart and peaked at #72 on the Billboard
Hot 100.  “The story behind the song is Lampert
was on safari in South Africa and heard natives in the field chanting.  He found the chant so haunting he taped it.  Once in the studio, he was messing around with
groves and thought of that chant and well that is how “Don’t Look Any Further,”
came about,” said Dennis.

Dennis married one of the
Pointer Sisters.  “I married Ruth Pointer
in Las Vegas after we met on tour.  We had
a beautiful daughter named Issa, together. 
Issa is married now and living in Alabama.  She gave me a grandbaby not so long ago.  Ruth and I were together for a while but we
realized we made better friends. 
Sometimes things happen that way” said the Temp.

“I bet you didn’t know that
David Ruffin and Teddy Pendergrass were drummers originally,” informed Dennis.  “When I first joined the group there was Paul
Williams, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and Eddie Kendricks and of course I
replaced David Ruffin.  Elbridge Bryant
was an “original member” with the group four years before I joined.  Bryant got into a fight with Paul and was put
out of the group.  When he left, the
Temps were looking to replace him.  It
was then they discovered a drummer already with the group, could sing.  That drummer was David Ruffin” remarked
Dennis.  The Temps were inducted in the Rock
n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  For the first time
in the history of the Hall, the Hall decided to induct 6 members.  “I was inducted, although I wasn’t an
original member.  Eddie, David and I
generated so much excitement while walking down Park Avenue that afterwards we
decided to form Ruffins, Kendricks and Edwards” remarked the award winner.

The Temptation Review
consists of Mike Patillo, David Sea who replaced David Ruffin, Chris Arnold who
replaced Eddie Kendrick, and a surprise personage to be announced at the Lehman
Center performance. 

To acquire tickets call
718-960-8833, go online at,
take the #4 or D trains to the Bedford Park Blvd stop.  Via car, Lehman Center is located at 250
Bedford Park Blvd West, the Bronx. 



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