Dispute Tariq Nasheed & Dr Umar Johnson - A Call for Black America to Stay Focused in 2018


Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the recent dispute between Tariq Nasheed and Dr Umar Johnson. Moore states a general position that both men should come together and iron out their disputes amicablly. He also addresses the recent article by Damon Young that trivializes the dispute between the two men, and attempts to create a click bait discussion.

Very Smart Brothas "Thank You, Woke Baby Jesus, For Giving Us Ashymania ’17 Between Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson"

What followed were more threats, an offer, from Dr. Strangelove, to meet each other in a boxing ring—which, I’m assuming, is what was actually built with that GoFundMe cash—too many conjugations of the word “moist,” and both Nasheed and Dr. Evil facetiming each other. (And, if you’re wondering why I’m linking to Nasheed’s Twitter and not Dr. Octopus’, it’s because Dr. Seuss has me blocked.)

Also, apparently Dr. Boyce Watkins—the hotep relish to hotep ketchup and hotep mustard—is involved too somehow. (Also, if you click on that link and you’re confused why I’d post a video of an elderly man drinking water, don’t be, because the first 20 seconds of it is just Watkins . . . drinking water and talking about the water he’s drinking. These are strange men.)

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