How will online gambling be affected by the U.S. presidency?

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Trump Taj Mahal. Photo: Wikipedia


In just a handful of days, Donald Trump used his newfound presidency to introduce many controversial measures that will continue to fuel fierce public opposition to his power.

But whilst it looks like the new president will impose tighter controls on immigration and American military influence overseas, it’s expected that he’ll adopt a laissez-faire approach when it comes to American business practices.

This is no surprise as Trump is the embodiment of modern capitalism. But whilst his slashing of regulations will be of real concern for anybody with a regard for the environment, it’s expected that online gambling could be the unexpected beneficiary of his liberal business approach.

Ever since the establishment of 2002’s Federal Wire Act, it’s been illegal to gamble over the internet in the US. However, over the years there have been a few states like New Jersey that have fought to legalise certain forms of online gambling that include poker games, casino games and slots.

As President Trump has had a long history in the casino industry, it’s widely expected that he will show little personal opposition to allowing further erosion of protectionist laws regarding gambling in the online environment.

The president will also have noticed how the liberal gambling laws in the UK have produced a vibrant online casino scene that has produced yearly revenues of £4.5 billion. This has been encouraged by the relaxed Gambling Act in the UK that has allowed online casinos to advertise on television. And as such, there’s been a wave of new companies like CasinoEuro who’ve sought to attract new customers with evermore inventive promotions and ways to play their table and slots games.

The revenues created by online gambling would certainly help Trump as he aims to implement radical new projects like building walls across the Mexican border whilst slashing business tax rates by anything as much as 20%.

Before President Trump is able to introduce such liberal projects he will have to convince a Republican party who have remained steadfastly opposed to any measures which might be viewed as denigrating public morality.

Trump’s short-term populist approach has already earned him plenty of fans amongst the more reactionary elements of the American public. And it’s expected that his first 100 days in office will introduce plenty of measures that could benefit the fledgling US online gambling scene. But whether these potential measures last any further into the new President’s already controversial reign of power remains to be seen.

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