Mama G and Flavour Nabania Rock America via AIDS Concert

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Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwo was
trying to get a few winks after having appeared at the “Live and Lets Live
World AIDS” concert in America as part of the SACAIDS organization’s efforts to
raise awareness for their work in introducing workshops, providing education
and focusing on the plight of AIDS throughout Africa and America in an attempt
to combat the deadly disease.

Save Africa Concert Foundation for AIDS Relief (SAC-AIDS) is a nonprofit
organization founded in 2000 in the US and Nigeria with the goal of mobilizing
local communities around entertainment as a tool to raise awareness about and
prevent HIV/AIDS.

The main mission of SAC-AIDS is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS through
comprehensive prevention programming, utilizing behavior change education as
well as entertainment as a form of community mobilization and education

Seizing the opportunity to talk
about her work to inform fellow Nigerians and Africans throughout Africa and
across the Diaspora about HIV/AIDS, Patience, although exhausted, discussed her
efforts to meet and talk with those willing to listen to her lecture about AIDS
prevention via use of condoms.  She is
proud that she has been able to break down some myths and change some uninformed
and entrenched mindsets about the lethal disease.  Taking one step at a time and via each
concert, Patience has been instrumental in overturning the misconceptions and
poor hygiene that has allowed the deadly disease to spread. 

Although widowed, the beautiful Patience
has opened her heart and home by adopting motherless children in an effort to
help youth who to a large degree have become helpless victims to the
disease.   She now has 4 children.  She also works with women aiding them in
finding job opportunities, uplifting their self-esteem and encouraging them to
take greater responsibility for their lives.

“I travel a lot and that is hard
because it separates me from my family. 
I have two smaller children at home so I have nannies but of course it
is not the same as being there myself. 
So every chance I get, I spend with my children.  I plan to fly back to Africa this evening but
will not go to Nigeria quite yet since I have other engagements.  However, once I get home, I hope to stay in
Nigeria for a while,” said the exhausted actress as she prepared to head for
the airport. 

“I have appeared in many
movies.  Sometimes we work night and day
to complete the film which generally we get done in less than two weeks.  I enjoy doing films and having a music career
but sometimes I miss being able to go shopping or walk down the street without
being recognized. Here in America, I can enjoy my anonymity.  While there are many Africans in America who
recognize me, it’s still nice to go into a store where I can be free to shop
and not be recognized like I am in Nigeria,” said the popular singer and AIDS

Well known as a Nollywood actress
who oftentimes plays the villain in her movies, Patience is also a popular
singer who sings under the moniker Mama G. 
Her CDs “National Moi-Moi” and “National Moi-Moi 2” which contains her
hit single “Nothing Do You” has enjoyed wide national and international appeal.

Nabania, the Eastern Nigerian musician known for his track Ashawo (Nwa baby)
and songs Nabania, Nwata, and Oyi (I dey catch cold) also joined Ms. Ozokwo
at the “Live and Lets Live World AIDS” concert.  He talked with this reporter about his
music and plans for the future.  Mr. Nabania
is a newcomer to the business of music having appeared on the music scene in
2008.  His career caught fire
immediately after he introduced his single “Nwa Baby” as part of his debut
album “N’abania.”  The album was an
instant hit topping charts across Nigeria. 
His fluency in the dialects of
Igbo and Pidgin has enabled his
star to shine bright and has given the talented singer an edge over his

play highlife music. It’s a form of native African jazz” explained the 27 year
old Flavour.  “I used to listen to the
old music so I take the old and blend it with the new.  I can bring Reggae to high life as well as
rap and hip hop so my high life is for the new generation.  I involve myself with humanitarian projects
when I can so it was a pleasure to perform with Mama G at the “Live and Lets
Live World AIDS concert on Saturday, November 27th in New York organized
by the Save Africa Concert Foundation.  I
also performed in Dallas on Thursday, November 25 and Friday November 26th
in Houston, Texas, as part of the Live and Let Live AIDS World Tour,” explained
the international singer concerning his visit to America. 

in attempting to cross over my music to various markets, I have been shooting
videos to support my album “My Woman Is Gone,” 
said Flavour who has a CD out entitled Flavour Uplifted” and a single
entitled “Mo Fire,” which is a fusion of reggae and high life danceable music.

is comprised of so many things.  When
doing videos you read a script so acting plays a role in my business as
well.  I sing ballads, fusion and jazz and
am known in Europe and throughout the Diaspora. 
I would like to introduce my music to the American marketplace.    I hope to return to America in February in
order to introduce America to my sound,” said Flavour at Kennedy airport as he
waited to board his plane.

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