The Castillo Theatre Dares to Dream

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If you live
in an area that does not offer much hope you often dream of being somewhere
else.  Anywhere where the grass is
greener and the beaches are cleaner.  “License
to Dream” is a play featured at the Castillo Theatre, located at 543 West 42nd
Street in Manhattan, which bring youngsters from East New York together with
underpaid dance instructors in East Hampton, in a bid to teach one another the
art of dance.  And, along the way, respect
each other’s culture and learn that no matter who you are, you can dare to

A bit rough
around the edges, young minority youth from East New Yorkers wonder what the
majority of white young dance instructors could teach them about rhythm.  Something so natural to these youngsters,
that other than simply getting out of the city for the summer, they cannot
fathom what they could possible learn about dance other than what they already

After some
initial frustration and sparring with their instructors, the kids learn they
can fly.  Fly not only in their dreams
and ambitions but through the art of ballet. 
They found that ballet could teach them structure, balance, purity of
line, simplicity of style, fluidity of motion, hope and a sense of freedom and
increased self-confidence the kids had never known.  Both instructors and students learned that
preconceptions formed about one another, is just that -- false opinions that
have nothing to do with the reality of what and who people really are.

The charming young
cast members who performed as the youngsters from East New York, consisted of Kimarra
Cannonier (Shantelle); Christian Colon (Tyrone); Lauren “ElleCee” Curet
(Taneisha); Ty Evans (Aleem); and Rosemarie Madera (Nona).  Ivanova  as Edie; Kyla Ernst Alper as Justine;
Cornelius Brown as Doug; Melissa Rose Corning as Chris; Matthew Sparks as Brad
and Robin Taylor as Annie, played the role of the dance instructors.  The majority of cast members have a
background in dance.  Dance numbers and songs
included: The Flying Dance, Dreaming and Dancing, I Got Rhythm Down, Ready or
Not and License to Dream/Goin Home.

License to Dream is a feel good play that will run
until June 5th (with no performances Memorial Day weekend) and written
by Fred Newman, directed by David Nackman, music composition by David
Truskinoff and choreography by Javier Dzul. 
“License to Dream” is wonderful musical fare.   Go check it out!

parties can call the Castillo Theatre Box Office for tickets at 212-941-1234 or
go online at

As one
watches the play, one cannot help but get caught up in the fun and embrace the
human factor and moral lesson of the production.  That being, that we are all one.  Whether from the rich side of town or the
poor side -- given the opportunity to rise above their circumstance, most
people when given love, guidance, hope, encouragement and the opportunity, will
grab the brass ring and rise to higher ideals. 

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